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Put Your Oracle Infrastructure On a DIET!

Blog Post created by Peter Gerr (Pete) Employee on Aug 17, 2015

Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool from Hitachi Data Systems, or DIET, is a simple yet powerful utility that helps you reduce the costs of the storage, server and network infrastructure that supports your Oracle databases - whether you're a customer of Hitachi or another vendor.

In short, we can help your organization put its Oracle infrastructure, and your growing Oracle spend, on a DIET!
(Without compromising the performance, availability or stability of your critical workloads).

What is DIET?
DIET is a web-based tool developed by our very best Oracle experts at HDS, and we've been refining it over the last 6 years. We’ve put over 20 years of our experience supporting some of the largest Oracle databases at many of the world’s largest companies, and over 200 best practices into DIET to help our customers get the most out of their Oracle infrastructure without breaking their budgets. Now we're opening this valuable tool up for anyone to try, for free.


DIET can quickly illlustrate how we can help you improve the performance  and resilience of your Oracle databases, increase the utilization of your storage and compute systems, AND likely reduce the total cost of ownership and improve the ROI of your existing storage, compute, and network investments. The same or better performance out of a smaller footprint, fewer disks, fewer CPUs AND maybe even fewer Oracle licenses.

We’ve helped over 750 of our customers put their Oracle infrastructure on a DIET, AND get the most out of their hardware and Oracle software investments. We built DIET to analyze the Oracle database itself, not the underlying hardware, so even customers who use storage or servers from other vendors to support their Oracle databases can benefit from a DIET analysis or workshop.

Try DIET right now 

A new “Lite” version of DIET gives you a high-level analysis of your own Oracle database in just a few clicks. We'll email a report to you with a summary of the findings, our recommendations, and information on how to contact Hitachi for a follow-up if you're interested.

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How does Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool work?
DIET analyzes the standard AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) reports which every Oracle database creates for diagnostic purposes. The tool then applies our best practices and translates all that raw data into an easy-to-understand, graphical report on the database’s health, performance and any potential problems – AND makes clear recommendations on how to address any areas that need attention. In short, DIET shows you potential problem areas of your Oracle infrastructure you might not have known about, AND how HDS can improve, fix and right-size it – which can lead to significant savings.

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Why is Hitachi the Best Choice for Oracle Solutions?
More than 80% of the Global Fortune 100 trust solutions and services from Hitachi Data Systems to enable their business goals and meet their IT requirements for Oracle databases and critical applications.

For over 20 years, Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Ltd., along with our sister company, Hitachi Consulting have been supporting the world’s most demanding, high-performance, mission-critical Oracle databases. We have more than 2,400 certified Oracle experts to assist customers and prospects with a customized DIET workshop, which is a professional services, consultative engagement tailored to your individual requirements and goals.

Our industry-leading storage, compute and software solutions, along with our
Unified Compute Platform for Oracle Databases (UCP) converged solutions, ensure the highest performance without compromising resilience or availability. Unique features in our converged, storage, compute and software solutions like LPARs, SMP and GAD, just to name a few, give HDS a more complete ecosystem for Oracle databases than any other vendor – including Oracle themselves.

Start your DIET today!

Check out DIET online then ask yourself, your DBA, Infrastructure Director or internal stakeholders if they’re satisfied with the performance, efficiency and costs of your Oracle infrastructure – chances are we can help.

Go to for more information, and look for future blogs from me on DIET, our portfolio of solutions for Oracle and how we help our customers reduce their Oracle infrastructure costs, improve performance, and more.