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Data is the New Gold. Are you Protecting Yours?

Blog Post created by Peter Gerr (Pete) Employee on Jun 19, 2017

Increasingly, over the past few decades, enterprises have been forced to address the new reality of the digital era: either wait for an upstart innovator to disrupt your industry and your business, or take on the role of disruptor before your market share erodes and new opportunities are blocked; or worse (Blockbuster? Sears? Macy's?).  As a result, most are prioritizing their own digital transformation efforts to improve customer experiences, worker productivity, and business agility.


What sets the digital disruptors apart from their well-established and often larger competitors?


It’s Data.


Well, to my mind, data is the raw resource of the new economy; to create real value, new products or services and ultimately new revenue streams, increased profits and sustained competitive advantage, data must be transformed into Information; much like gold ore is transformed into other, more valuable forms.


Hitachi has worked with many innovators and disruptors over the past 2 decades who are truly transforming their businesses, and in some cases, their entire industry, by leveraging data. Emerging technologies such as in-memory computing platforms like SAP HANA, enable massive data sets to be integrated, analyzed and ultimately used to make faster, more accurate, and often, most valuable decisions. SpinMaster, for example is transforming the toy industry by integrating customer feedback and market data to create innovative designs and maximize the efficiency of its supply chain.


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How about cement? Do you think of cement when you think of data-driven innovation? Check out this @SAPRadio session hosted by Bonnie Graham from SAPPHIRE NOW where Hitachi's Paul Lewis, and Laetitia Dabout from McInnis Cement, discuss this new Canadian firm's focus on building its foundation on a real-time data platform to deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost and faster than its well-establishes (read: outmoded) competitors.


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With so much potential value locked within corporate data vaults, it amazes me that companies still don't put data protection near the top of their priority lists. Sure, transformation and innovation in all its forms is great, but if you're not protecting your corporate crowned jewels your business doesn't stand a chance at achieving "what's next".


So, while your business strategy and investments are focused upon transformation, innovation and being more agile in the face of increased competition, don't forget to protect the assets that make it all possible - your Data.


Want to learn more on how modern data protection works?


Join our SAP experts from Hitachi and SUSE this Wednesday, June 21 for a live @SAPInsider Q&A on best practices for protecting your SAP HANA environment and decreasing the costs of doing so - because if you're wasting your time cleaning up after a data breach or unable to recover from an unplanned outage, someone else is doing the innovating.


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