Paul Lewis

A Year in Review

Blog Post created by Paul Lewis Employee on Jun 9, 2014

It is an extremely common mistake to assume that I know what I’m talking about, especially given my 50th percentile high school GPA, my vocational school training, and my many years of repeating the phrase “click here to submit”.


Given how ill-equipped I am to provide any level of strategic or technological advice, I have been filling my blogs with semi-humorous “bits” that I make up on the fly, usually in a panic to get out the entry in time for publication.  The stress of pouring out 500 words (or less) per month can get semi-depressing. 


And don’t get me started on my opening lines.  I wish I had the mental capacity to make up those beauties.  No, I mostly just write down the first thing I hear when I wake suddenly in flight after I doze away watching a black and white classic montage of people I don’t know pontificating on the moral of the story from 1962.


(Side note #1: How annoying would it be for the pilot to hold an “open mic night” for your 4 hour cross country trip?  “Hi, this is Peter, your Captain speaking.  If you look to your left you will see Lake Ontario, and to the right Lake Simcoe as we are passing Kingston below us.  We have been flying for approximately 2 hours and boy are my arms tired….”)




I’m THAT GUY that says Cloud is actually not confusing and is in fact rather well-defined


I’m THAT GUY that thinks the characteristics of cloud can be achieved without a converged infrastructure


I’m THAT GUY that believes you don’t have a Big Data problem (and you still don’t)


I’m THAT GUY trying to convince you that as a technology executive practitioner, I rarely think about cost savings


I’m THAT GUY wondering why you are buying products to solve a problem that is both ill-defined and has no relation to an actual business objective


I’m THAT GUY that was so impressed with his own writing, he commissioned the brilliance to be created in video form


Yes. I’m THAT GUY…


The worst part of the creative blog process is my imagination.  I imagine that my writing is clever and intelligent.  I imagine writing a post that covers the topics with an interesting perspective that may get the readers to think about current situations slightly differently.  I imagine it getting picked up by a variety of news sources with follow-up calls for interviews.  I imagine winning a Webby with hordes clamouring to hear me speak, even if it’s just reading my own blogs out loud.


And then I finally write it and it looks like this…..ugh.  Let's hope the next one is better.


(Side note #2: Many thanks to the HDS Community moderators, participants and contributors over the last year or so…they have built an informative and creative environment to share both on-message, and my off-message thoughts and ideas.  Thanks to all!)