Paul Lewis

Why Hitachi? *Updated*

Blog Post created by Paul Lewis Employee on Oct 9, 2015



I was asked by an IT executive this week: “All products are the same, why would I choose Hitachi?”


My response was not what he expected...


At the executive level, certainly all technology seems similar.  But you are not picking a product. You are picking a brand that endures past anything you buy.


Why Hitachi?


Because Hitachi thinks of the world as buildings, bridges, highways, and trains.  Not exclusively software, servers, and services.


Because the Hitachi vision is centered on  building a smarter, safer and healthier society.  It's not about growing revenue and acquiring market share.


Because trust and ethics are more important to Hitachi than profit margin and selling roadmaps.


Because loyalty, talent, and passion  are more important to Hitachi people than battling sales armies and internal competition.


The reason why you choose Hitachi is because you personally know the person who picks up the phone if there is a problem and they will help you regardless of the root cause.


The reason why you choose Hitachi is because we are the “things” in IoT, engineered safely and securely, with a fundamental and practical knowledge of the industry they support.


The reason you would choose Hitachi is because we engineer machines that last several decades, build trains that always stop, create radiology equipment that puts the patients first, and provide IT products with a 100% data availability guarantee.

Because Hitachi builds the equipment you use everyday, and creates the data you use to run your business, we already know your industry, company and your people.


The reason why you would choose Hitachi  is that we are not like anyone else.  We are like you.