Paul Lewis

We are a team of Pioneers

Blog Post created by Paul Lewis Employee on Jul 31, 2018



We are a team of Pioneers.


Our role is to trek through the forest, swim through the streams and climb up the mountains with only our packs and our wits to survive. We were hired for our experience, knowledge and expertise. We are creating the new world.


They expect us to mark and build the trails to be used as future highways, spot the trees to be cleared and cut the wood to build lodging. They expect us to outfit a series of base camps which will be used as our future cities, and teach each settler to survive and become sustainable on their own. We are known for becoming the instrument for our transformation, from the simplest tools to grow sustenance, to leading the pack into unknown territory.


We are measured on how far we explore NOT on the success of the future civilization. We are measured on our ability to recognize the best places to build towns, NOT on how the future towns become cities. We are measured on how we train the settlers NOT how they enrich their grandchildren. In essence, we are helping communities realize how to thrive in every sense of the word.


We can’t become frustrated with the forest or the trees, or complain about the cold at the top of the mountain we have to climb, nor shiver at being wet after traversing the rivers. This is what excites us. These trials give us the confidence to go even further. We envision the future and dream of its success.


We are Pioneers. This is our frontier.