Paul Meehan

Thoughts on VMworld 2014 and Community

Blog Post created by Paul Meehan Employee on Oct 21, 2014

This time was my second year at VMworld since I joined Twitter in mid 2013. After that I started to get more heavily involved in discussion and debate on the VMware community. This debate and information dissemination and sharing happens primarily on Twitter, which is an incredibly valuable business tool. LinkedIn has also become extremely useful to share information.




Last year I knew a few people but this year was a different story altogether. It’s great to be both seeking people out and being sought out by others who share the VMware community, and meeting people who feel like work colleagues. What’s great about this community is its’ disregard for FUD, company lines and one-upmanship. People just respect each other and want to connect.

I also think this is one of the facets of HDS that I have really liked since I joined. It’s got politics like other companies, but ethics and behaving with integrity are important enough to be the only mandatory training you need to do when you join the company. For me that makes a statement about the company and where it places a lot of emphasis. Personally I like working for that kind of company.


Everyone Wake up to UCP Unified Compute Platform ....


Here's a picture of a Kaon v-rack from VMworld. All you need to know is the Hitachi secret sauce is UCP Director which is the orchestration layer built into vCenter (and soon to be Hyper-V). The rest is a familiar rigorously engineered platform. Some say the Enterprise is dead. Try telling our customers who won't move to "The Cloud" anytime soon.




I have travelled around the EMEA organisation of late as part of a roadshow series we’ve been doing. Solutions such as Unified Compute Platform (UCP) with UCP Director software are compelling but for some traditional Storage Engineers it's a big learning curve, so we're trying to show how things like community can really help.


I have consistently found our Professional Service (GSS) engineers will not risk credibility with our customers or promise what they can’t deliver. While this presents a challenge as newer converged solutions become more common and as vendors move to a more consultative type of model, it means we are positioned with our customers as people who follow through on our promises.


Yes we’re analytical and model, size, model, and rinse and repeat but this is why our customers will respect not only the Hitachi Brand for what it means but also the personal relationships built up over many years with people they trust. For me: this is what the Enterprise is about: long term relationships and treating your customers data with the utmost respect at all time. Definitely not destroying your customers data by design.


This is something I’ve begun to regard as a huge positive for the company in the future that will help us to deliver solutions measured by service and service level agreements rather than cost/TB. We've always been about high performance (low latency/SLA) and extreme scale so we're well placed to meet these challenges.


The future looks bright - it’s always best to search for the positive and move forward instead of going round in circles.