Paula Phipps

Software-Defined Infrastructure: Hype or Happening?

Blog Post created by Paula Phipps Employee on Sep 9, 2015

Software-defined infrastructure is the foundation for success in IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) deployments, or for that matter, any modern IT environment demanding extreme flexibility. The key to "no-hype" success is to be software-defined, yet application-led. You’ll need an infrastructure that can address the unique needs of different application environments, whether they are long-standing systems of record or greenfield apps born in the cloud and on the web. Deploying the right combination of software depending on the unique needs of your business applications is critical. Join me @paulaaphipps and my colleague @knieriemen for a discussion titled, “Software-Defined Infrastructure: The Journey from Hype to Happening.” RECORDING at this link Here is a sample of what was discussed at the session...


The prescription for software-defined success starts with these three tenets:


§ Abstract physical infrastructure to become more agile. Tear down physical boundaries and embrace logical resource groupings. The result will be easier change management, better return on IT assets and flexibility to take advantage of new business opportunities faster.


§ Access to multiple data sources from a common software-defined infrastructure is the foundation upon which analysis and insight  are drawn; the kind of insight that businesses can use to get and stay ahead of the competition.


§ Automate operations to simplify your environment. Increasingly, IT generalists or virtualization administrators are expected to take on the task of managing more of the infrastructure landscape. Automation removes risk and repetition, keeping these high-value experts from spending their time on low-value details, as well as removing the human error factor.



There’s much more to discuss... RECORDING of Tue, Sep 15, 2015 session at this link