Philip Townsend

"You can't take the Human element out of Big Data"

Blog Post created by Philip Townsend on Sep 3, 2013

GoPro GP, Indycar, Sonoma Raceway, Sunday 25th Aug 2013.  Congratulations Team Penske and Will Power for his 3rd win at Sonoma and first in the 2013 season, and congratulations to Hitachi Motorsport and  Hélio Castroneves, on extending his championship lead.   A sigh of relief that the pit crew were not badly injured in the controversial pit lane incident.


Big Data enables Team Penske to make the smart decisions that put them in a winning position.


In a pre-race discussion with Hitachi customers and press, Tim Cindric, President Team Penske Racing, stressed the importance of data in developing and running a championship leading race team. Each of the Team Penske cars are packed with Hitachi technology and sensors that sample over 1000 times a second and stream data for processing.   Tim talked about how data from a variety of sources inside and outside the car are all bought together into an advanced system of Technology, Processes and People leading up to the race, during qualifying and on race day.  All the data comes together to enable the Driver and his race team to make the split second decisions that maximize the performance of the team.  As Tim put it, the data and systems are there to help the team make smarter decisions that their competitors, you can't eliminate the human factor.


All data is retained indefinitely for future leverage.


To make the winning decisions, data is purposed and formatted in many ways, used for pre-race set up,  strategy planning and highly correlated and formated for use by the In-Car systems and the driver for real-time processing.  After the race, data is retained for indefinitely to be used to seek areas of improvement,  develop next generation of technologies, and continue to evolve race winning systems.


The world of IndyCar is a data driven machine, and Hitachi technology empowers Team Penske on it's mission to win races and championships.