Philip Townsend

Big Data, coming to a windshield near you.

Blog Post created by Philip Townsend on Sep 26, 2013

Augmented Reality has roots back into the 1960's and with the explosion of mobility platforms in the last 5 years, combined with the vast amounts of information available online,  the automotive world see's huge potential to leverage heads up display technology, Augmented Reality (AR),  Big Data and Content platforms to bring an information rich experience to drivers. 

Using realtime streaming analytics, combining data from hundreds and maybe thousands of sources, the vehicles of the future will enable drivers to be safer and more efficient while helping help reduce congestion and environmental impact.

A number of automotive companies have been showcasing future technologies that are well advanced and will be available in the near future.  

Hitachi's teams are working within the automotive community to design and deploy platforms that make this Social Innovation a reality.