Philip Townsend

The connected car comes of age

Blog Post created by Philip Townsend on Jan 14, 2014

Last weeks Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, revealed a healthy focus on smart technology for the Automobile. Among the innovations were Audi with the Self Driving car along with partnerships for Audi and Tesla with AT&T focussed on the connected vehicle (AT&T) .  Going into the North American International Auto show in Detroit this week, we are seeing much more discussion about the connected car and how the in car entertainment system is transforming into a rich information system that makes drivers safe, more efficient and brings the driving experience into the social/mobile space. 


One of the leaders in this space is Hitachi’s Clarion business unit, who are taking the concept of the “connected car” to new levels with their Clarion Smart Access Cloud


Combining Intelligent Automotive Components from Hitachi,  advanced Content Cloud and Big Data Solutions from Hitachi Data Systems and knowhow from Hitachi Consulting, Hitachi is positioned to change the driving experience, while at the same time,  energizing the automotive value chain with information.


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