Philip Townsend

Not the car your parents drove.

Blog Post created by Philip Townsend on Jun 16, 2015


It was reported in the UK last week that a pilot project in Scotland adapted the decades old driving test to incorporate satellite navigation.  (see The entire test was dictated by a sat nav that was pre-programmed by the driving examiner.


I was reminded recent consumer reports have criticized advanced features such as voice activation and in-car apps calling them more of a distraction than a help.  In the USA, AAA (see was highly critical of voice systems, which auto manufacturers acknowledge is the number 1 point of complaint with customers.


This reported criticism serves as a reminder as we innovate in ADAS, cloud systems, in-vehicle information, and partial or completely autonomous driving capabilities. Not only do the systems have to be designed for the environment in which they are to be used, but legislation, regulatory and other legacy traffic laws and systems also need to be reviewed and updated to accommodate these more advanced user systems.


Hitachi innovates in the field of in-vehicle systems and as part of our social innovation activities, works alongside auto manufacturers,  government departments and legislators to bring new technologies to the consumer in a practical, timely and safe manner.