Richard Jew

Doing More With Less

Blog Post created by Richard Jew Employee on May 6, 2014

Doing More with Less


As IT budgets have become constrained or stagnant recently,  IT organizations are constantly being asked to “do more with less”.  However how do you apply this principle in practice particularly when it comes to managing storage and dealing with unabated storage growth.  As more storage resources have become virtualized within the datacenter, IT organizations are running into similar management challenges as when they expanded their virtual server farms.  In virtualized storage and server environments, they struggle with limited visibility of actual infrastructure usage, unsure whether storage is meeting their required service level agreements and a continued rise in management costs.


Doing more with less typically involves trying to get more usage out of existing IT infrastructure assets or developing new management automation.  However, perhaps the most significant impact to achieving “doing more with less” may be enabling your IT staff to become more efficient in virtualized storage management practices, which can significantly lower ongoing operational costs. The recent release of Hitachi Command Suite v8 (HCS v8) can help users to address these “doing more with less” challenges to better utilize and manage virtualized storage assets with existing IT staff resources.


HCS v8 is fully integrated with the new Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000.  As an integrated management framework, HCS v8 enables users to fully leverage and deploy Hitachi’s global storage virtualization into their environment.  Global storage virtualization extends virtualization across physical and virtualized storage platforms enabling new levels of pooling, abstraction and mobilization of storage resources in the form of virtual storage machines.  Virtual storage machines can eliminate isolated data silos with spanned virtualized volumes that provide a complete separation between host and storage, independent of storage system, location or vendor.  Using HCS v8, you can easily create new virtual storage machines and define its physical storage resources, such as disk, cache and ports, from a common storage resource pool.  This enables you to manage large and complex virtualized storage infrastructures with greater efficiency and less risk.


In addition, all core configuration operations have been consolidated under the Hitachi Command Suite v8 management console to reduce complexity.  A common graphical user interface can be used for all management tasks to further simplify administration.  HCS v8 unified management capabilities has been enhanced as Hitachi Tuning Manager v8 add new Hitachi NAS Platform file storage monitoring functionality.  Tuning Manager can now simplify performance analysis and troubleshooting across an unified storage environment, covering both  structured and unstructured data, that improves performance and availability for both business applications and file servers.


Ensuring storage performance and capacity service levels for mission critical business applications has always been a hallmark of the Command Suite.  Hitachi Command Director v8 provides new aids to help users to quickly define storage service level objectives for business applications.  In addition to predefined storage service level profiles for common business applications, such as Oracle databases and Microsoft Exchange, application storage performance can be monitored to form a historical performance baseline.  Service level objective recommendations can be then be applied and customized for an application thus speeding up the establishment of application based storage service level agreements.


HCS v8 also introduces a new standardized interface to facilitate data sharing with external management reporting systems.  A REST based API leverages standard HTTP commands and it is language independent.  Users can easily query storage performance and capacity statistics from the Hitachi Command Suite to be integrated into existing management data repository and reporting systems.


By utilizing some of these Hitachi Command Suite v8 capabilities to develop new storage administrative and operational efficiencies, you can rein in operational costs and move a big step forward in achieving your "doing more with less" goal.