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Data Center Modernization is Driving Innovation

Blog Post created by Russell Skingsley Employee on Jul 18, 2018

According to a recent study conducted by IDC and Microsoft, Digital Transformation is expected to contribute more than US$1 trillion to Asia Pacific GDP in 2021. In today’s digitally-connected world, pressure on organizations to drive innovation and increase operational efficiencies grows. As many governments become advocates of this, IT leaders are being urged to adopt and accelerate digital transformation plans.


Many companies are now questioning where to start their journeys toward modernization. At Hitachi Vantara, we believe innovation begins at the fundamental level – with the infrastructure that lies at the heart of all digital economies. For companies to truly deliver, they need agile data infrastructure, modern data protection and intelligent operations, all of which are made possible with data center modernization.


The Foundation

Consumers are accustomed to on-demand, cloud-based solutions that are always available and highly personalized. Delivering on enterprise demands for real-time customer engagement requires an end-to-end approach to data management that can deliver low latency performance even as quantities of data grow exponentially.


Data center modernization begins with a foundation that can consistently deliver data at high speed, whilst supporting diverse workload requirements and multi-cloud integration. While growing companies often struggle with performance degradation as workloads increase, flash can deliver significant performance, response time and environmental benefits for high-performance applications.


One of our customers, Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions, rather than adding more servers which would increase performance lag, implemented Hitachi flash modules and tiering solutions. With large-scale transaction processing capabilities and higher performance, Infosys ended up delivering twice the performance and density of normal solid-state disks (SSDs) at half the bit price.


Digital Age Security

Data center modernization enables businesses to reduce operational overheads, eliminate inefficiencies and provide platforms that reduce data security risks.


From large financial institutions to small educational institutes, the challenge with data security is the same - eliminating the manual and costly processes that prevent businesses from rapidly capturing new opportunities and expose them to risks.


For public companies such as BOE Technology Group Company Limited (BOE), data reliability and protection are vital, particularly with workers traditionally storing data on personal computers. To address this, BOE turned to very large scale VDI to deliver secure desktops.  With so many desktops the company suffered boot storms that their previous storage solutions could not cope with. 


By turning to Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System, BOE were able to achieve the performance required for large scale VDI and help centralize the management of its core data for higher security and deliver undisrupted, high performance 24/7.


Applying Artificial Intelligence to Operations

As data center operations become more complex, operational efficiencies can deteriorate and the risks of downtime or data loss increase. To ensure the highest return on data center investments companies must enhance their infrastructure to increase operational efficiency.


By embracing artificial intelligence (AI), enhanced analytics and IT automation software, businesses can improve performance, reduce administrative time and costs, and quickly identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks. AI can provide deeper data center insights by looking across the entire data path, including virtual machines, servers, networks and storage.


Hitachi helps business and IT leaders respond to modern data challenges by leveraging predictive analytics and automation as part of their larger data management to ultimately enable innovative use of that data.


By embracing predictive analytics and IT automation software, companies can deliver the agile data infrastructure and intelligent operations needed to fuel their digital transformation initiatives.



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