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News: Intelligent Application-Consistent Snapshot Management is Available for VSP G1000

Blog Post created by Rich Vining Employee on Apr 29, 2014

CommVault has announced that they have completed certification testing of the Simpana IntelliSnap technology with the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 and the Storage Virtualization Operating System. This extends IntelliSnap support beyond the previously announced integration with VSP and Hitachi Unified Storage VM systems.


IntelliSnap, which is offered by HDS as part of the Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), places key applications into a quiesced, ready-for-backupIntelliSnap.jpg, state and then calls the hardware-based snapshot and cloning features of the HDS systems (Thin Image and ShadowImage, respectively). The result is a very fast data protection process for operational recovery that is non-disruptive to the critical applications that rely on HDS storage.


HDPS IntelliSnap can also automate management of Hitachi Open Remote Copy Manager (HORCM) tasks and replication pair management to reduce deployment time, maximize storage recovery options and minimize downtime.


Since the snapshot process is so quick and doesn’t impact operations, it can be performed much more frequently than the traditional once-per-day model of legacy backup solutions. This can support tight Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and reduce the amount of data at risk between backups by more than 90%. Recovery Time Objectives are also much improved, as restoring a snapshot is far faster than copying the needed data back from secondary storage.


HDPS IntelliSnap supports a wide range of applications, including IBM Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and SAP; databases including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle; and server virtualization platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vCloud Director and VMware vSphere.


HDPS IntelliSnap is available today at no extra charge when HDPS is purchased using capacity-based licensing; or it can be purchased stand-alone without the requirement to replace the existing backup solution infrastructure.


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