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Announcing: Hitachi Data Instance Director

Blog Post created by Rich Vining Employee on May 6, 2015


Last week at our Connect!2015 event in Las Vegas, HDS announced Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) as part of the Software-Defined Infrastructure launch. The release of HDID is a major milestone in our growth in the data protection, retention and recovery management market. HDID is the combination of two previous HDS software products, Data Instance Manager (HDIM) and Application Protector (HAPRO), plus additional new capabilities, including host-based protection of IBM AIX file systems. HDID provides a unique, workflow-based approach to solving complex copy data management challenges, including operational recovery, disaster recovery and long-term recovery.


HDID retains all the functionality of HDIM, including it’s really cool, drag-and-drop, whiteboard-like interface for creating data management workflows.

HDID_Exchange.JPGIn addition to the live backup, CDP, software snapshot, archive and repository replication capabilities of HDIM, HDID adds:


Automation and orchestration of storage-based snapshot and cloning technologies

  • HDS block and file storage systems include very powerful in-system replication capabilities that can eliminate backup windows, significantly improve recovery point objectives, and perform recovery almost instantaneously.
  • These technologies are complex to set up and manage, and are not application-aware without significant scripting. HDID masks all of this complexity, enabling you to easily include snapshots and clones as part of your protection policies and workflows.
  • Application-consistent protection for Microsoft® Exchange and SQL Server®, and Oracle® databases on Linux (Oracle, RedHat® and SUSE®).
  • Pre-process and post-process scripting available for other applications and platforms.
  • HDID supports Thin Image snapshots and ShadowImage clones on block (HUS VM and the VSP family, including the new mid-range VSP offerings), and Directory Clone on HNAS.

Orchestration of remote replication

  • Add TrueCopy Synchronous Replication, Universal Replicator and HNAS File Replication to your data management workflows.
  • HDID can then trigger crash-consistent snapshots and clone of the remote data copies, for non-disruptive use cases such as devops and disaster recovery testing.
  • Again, HDID hides the complexity of these enterprise-class capabilities with a simple drag-and-drop operation.


New pricing model

  • HDIM pricing was based on the amount of production data being protected, while HAPRO was priced by a combination of storage frames and applications. HDID licensing starts with a 10TB base license that covers all HDID capabilities and features.
  • Above 10TB, pricing is based on the amount of production data being protected, with split capacity tiers for host-based and storage-based protection.
  • The storage-based licensing is lower than host-based to account for the in-system and remote replication licenses that must be purchased with the storage system.
  • However, the capacity measurement is cumulative: 100TB of host-based data plus 150TB of storage-based data qualifies for the tier that includes 250TB.


To learn more about HDID, download the Hitachi Data Instance Director datasheet or the new whitepaper, Simplify Data Protection, Retention and Recovery. To get more information or schedule a demo, please contact