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Enable Digital Transformation with Modern Copy Data Management

Blog Post created by Rich Vining Employee on Aug 22, 2016


My HDS colleague Peter Sjoberg recently posted a blog on Hitachi’s Data Transformation (DX) strategies and vision to further our customers’ abilities to be more innovative, competitive and profitable. It all comes down to data, with new approaches to data management, data governance, data mobility and data analytics.



A large percentage of data is “copy data”, and to fully realize the benefits of any DX project, the management of copy data must also be transformed. An organization may have dozens, or even hundreds of copies of some data sets, such as databases, user files, reports and company records. If you don’t take steps to reduce and control these copies of your data, they will choke off the performance improvements you are hoping to achieve.


Take for example, copies made for backup and recovery. If you plan to use the 50-year-old methodologies of traditional backup software post-transformation, the downtime and data volume problems they create will be quite evident. Modern approaches are needed to ensure optimal performance and availability of your modern IT systems.


Replacing the old solutions is hard, but it is necessary. Think about the amount of time spent managing them (provisioning new policies, troubleshooting failed backups), the recurring costs (annual maintenance, complex skills training), and the poor level of service they provide in today’s accelerated digital world (backup windows, RPOs and RTOs).


It doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could:

  • Eliminate the hours of downtime from the “backup window” by instantly creating non-disruptive, application-consistent backup copies using storage-based snapshots or clones?
  • Improve recovery point objectives (RPO) by 95% or more by protecting your data more often, such as once per hour instead of once per day?
  • Reduce recovery time objectives (RTO) to near zero, instead of many hours or days, by reverting a point-in-time snapshot or mounting a clone?
  • Improve administrator productivity by simplifying, automating and orchestrating protection operations, and eliminating many point solutions?


With Hitachi Data Systems software and storage, you can. Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) software provides the automation and orchestration of snapshot, clone and replication technologies in the HDS Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) and NAS Platform (HNAS) families, with a unique, whiteboard-like user interface. Easily define even complex policy-based workflows that combine local protection for operational recovery, and remote protection for disaster recovery with zero data loss, across a range of application environments.


In addition to the benefits above, HDID can dramatically reduce storage costs by:

  • Eliminating highly-redundant full backups
  • Migrating static and non-critical data to self-protecting object storage
  • And making the backup copy of data available for re-use by other functions, such as test and development


Isn't that what copy data management is all about: reducing the number of copies while improving access and governance?


Even if you aren’t embarking on a significant DX journey today, you can still take advantage of the measurable value that HDS can bring to your current environment. Ask one of our data protection experts or an HDS TrueNorth Partner to show you how.


Rich Vining is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Data Protection at Hitachi Data Systems and has been publishing his thoughts on data storage and data management since the mid-1990s. The contents of this blog are his own.