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Introducing a New Cloud-Enabled Modern Data Protection Solution

Blog Post created by Rich Vining Employee on Oct 17, 2017

Business-critical applications cannot tolerate downtime in today’s hyper-competitive, always-on marketplace. Backup windows often inflict hours of downtime on these applications. Recovery after a failure using traditional methods can also result in many hours or even days of downtime. Performing backup once per day can result in the need to recreate, or lose, up to 24 hours of new data, causing further disruption. Making copies of production data for secondary purposes, such as test and development operations, also impacts application availability. All this downtime can be eliminated with Hitachi’s modern data protection solution family.


In fact, in their 2017 North American Storage Trends Survey, analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group ( found that data protection is still the number one challenge facing storage administrators, with 17% responding that it is their #1 challenge, and 35% claiming that data protection is among their top challenges.


Additionally, given the complexity of achieving effective protection of critical data across different applications, operating environments and locations, accounting for all the different things that can go wrong, many organizations are looking to outsource this responsibility to expert service providers.

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Hitachi Data Instance Director automates and orchestrates modern technologies to meet stringent data availability and recovery requirements


Hitachi Data Instance Director v6.0, announced today, meets these challenges and more, offering modern data protection capabilities that can:

  • Eliminate the need for backup windows with fast, frequent, non-disruptive copy creation
  • Reduce recovery point objectives (RPO) by 95% or more
  • Reduce recovery time objectives (RTO) from many hours to just a few minutes, no matter how large the data set that needs to be restored
  • Reduce administrative risks and costs by eliminating the complexity of replication management and unifying multiple functions that are typically serviced by a number of point solutions
  • Provide the functionality needed to deploy modern data protection services, such as backup-as-a-service, DR-as-a-service and copy data management-as-a-service, seamlessly integrating with cloud management portals and application environments


Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) is built on a powerful policy-based workflow engine, with a unique whiteboard-like user interface that makes it fast and easy to meet business-defined application availability and resiliency requirements.


HDID automates all replication management, eliminating the complexity of managing configuration files and custom scripts. It orchestrates the interactions between applications and storage copy services to ensure application consistency on recovery, and can combine operations across local and remote systems to deliver end-to-end protection against the full range of data loss threats, while also supporting data repurposing.


HDID v6 reduces risk and administration costs while significantly improving data availability. Data repurposing is also automated as part of end-to-end copy data management workflows, supporting data governance mandates such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

>> Retained copies of personally-identifiable information (PII) will be a huge liability under GDPR. Read my thoughts on this in blogs on copy data management and backup tapes. <<


HDID v6 also helps to address concerns with the rise of ransomware. With data breaches and cybercrime continuing to escalate, protecting organizations’ most vital asset – consumer and other data – has become the number one concern for many CEOs and senior leadership. Consequently, cyber-security spending worldwide is expected to exceed $1 trillion from 2017-2021, predicts Cybersecurity Ventures. Research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) expects cyber-security to become more strategic in the wake of evolving regulations, explosive data growth and digital transformation. IDC also estimates that the data protection and recovery software market will grow 7.2 percent CAGR through 2019.1


HDID v6, now generally available, unites operational recovery, business continuity, disaster recovery and copy data management capabilities within business-critical application environments, leveraging the high-performance local and remote replication technologies built into Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family and Unified Compute Platform (UCP) systems.


HDID v6_DataFlow.JPG


The new features available in HDID v6.0 to support its use as a cloud-based copy data management platform include:

  • Scalability has been improved by 100x; HDID can now effectively manage hundreds of thousands of objects, including users, source and target nodes, policies and workflows, and restore points.
  • A new web-based user interface that makes it easy to manage, monitor and report on the HDID environment, including new search and filtering capabilities across all reports.
  • Highly-granular (patent pending) role-based access controls; use any of the pre-configured user profiles, or create specific access rights to any action, resource or data. Choose from dozens of available controls. Now a database administrator will be able, if authorized, to create self-service copies of her data for repurposing by test and development, and to perform a self-service restore, while being blocked from access to any other resources or data.
  • A robust, fully-functional RESTful API that controls all actions within HDID. This enables seamless integration of modern data protection capabilities within an application, and the ability to provision data protection services through a cloud portal. Even the new user interface works through the API. Also, role-based access controls are deployed at the API level, ensuring security while accessing HDID resources via the API.
  • Automation of storage-assisted volume-locking functionality to enable fast, full recovery from ransomware and other cyber attacks. With HDID and the Data Retention Utility provided in VSP systems, you can create an automated process – standalone or as part of an end-to-end data management workflow – that keeps a recent copy of critical application data safe from malicious encryption, corruption or deletion. Restoring the safe copy takes just a few minutes.


To learn more, please visit our web page or contact your local Hitachi Vantara sales representative or authorized reseller.


1 IDC White Paper, sponsored by HPE, Reinventing Data Protection Fit for Digital Transformation, October 2016


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