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Hitachi Data Instance Director v6.5 Delivers Governance Copy Services

Blog Post created by Rich Vining Employee on May 16, 2018

Hitachi Vantara today released Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) version 6.5. HDID has been helping hundreds of enterprises achieve higher levels of data and application availability by automating and orchestrating modern data protection technologies. As compared to traditional backup and recovery solutions, these ‘recovery copy services’ eliminate the need for a backup window, can reduce the amount of new data at risk by 95%, and reduce recovery time of even the largest databases to just a few minutes.


The new release expands HDID’s enterprise copy data management capabilities by adding filesystem backup to Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) private cloud object storage. This new functionality is unique, in that it stores file-level, incremental-forever backup to HCP in native file / object format, making it available for reuse, with appropriate access controls, by a range of secondary business functions such as data discovery, analytics, governance and compliance.


This new functionality supports file data stored on IBM AIX; Oracle, RedHat and SUSE Linux; Oracle Solaris; and Microsoft Windows systems, as well as virtual machines running these operating systems.


HDID now becomes an integral part of the Hitachi Vantara Content and Data Intelligence portfolio, providing a new data source that can be indexed and searched by Hitachi Content Intelligence, and analyzed by Pentaho Data Integration. These copies of data are made available with no additional impact on production servers or on the people that manage them.


In one of his excellent video blogs, former Enterprise Strategy Group Sr. Analyst Jason Buffington described the ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ of data protection practices, with ‘best’ being the ability to unlock new business value and usage scenarios for otherwise dormant data. This is what the combination of HDID, HCP, Content Intelligence and Pentaho offers our customers.


Governance Architecture.jpgFor example, you can use this solution to determine which files contain personally-identifiable information (PII) in your efforts to comply with the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Backup data is a particular problem for GDPR compliance and should cause organizations to reevaluate their use of tape for long-term backup storage. Check out my blog, “GDPR: What About Backup Data”.


And HDID can make not only current data, but historical versions as well, available to other fintech and regtech applications to derive better business decisions faster, and without slowing down production environments.


To learn more, please visit the Hitachi Data Instance Director web page, download the Governance Copy Services solution profile, or reach out to one of our technical specialists.


Rich Vining is a Sr. WW Product Marketing Manager for Data Protection and Governance Solutions at Hitachi Vantara and has been publishing his thoughts on data storage and data management since the mid-1990s. The contents of this blog are his own.