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Twub Nation

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jun 1, 2016


If you haven’t been introduced or involved in social media, then you wouldn’t know this, but there is something called a hashtag. Back in the 80’s or 90’s it was referred to as a pound-sign (#). They have been appearing in commercials and even in everyday talk. Even celebrities such as, Jimmy Fallon, are using hashtags while on TV.Jimmy Fallon featured a clip on, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” circulating around hashtags. Here is the link:


What are they? Hashtags are a way for content to be categorized within the post you share or write. Twitter was the first social media platform to implement this change into existence back in 2007. Now, in 2016, every social media platform is looking for ways to implement hashtags into their system.


Recently hashtags have become such a craze that websites are being created to revolve around them. One of them being This is a website that uses hashtags for marketing and event purposes. More specifically, it’s a tool that takes the hashtag that you want and enlists it and you ultimately “claim” that hashtag for whatever purpose you want. You are then given a page and an opportunity to give purpose to your hashtag through a short description. That way people who use that hashtag can see your brand, name, or event and learn more through it.


People generally use Twubs for events because that is what it excels at. Of course it isn’t for every single event out there, but more directed towards conventions, concerts, sports, and others that social media can be used appropriately. Events, that will contain a mass amount of people who are most likely to be turned to their mobile devices. This is perfect for live streams. Live streaming is one of the applications that Twubs offers. This costs money of course, but the cost varies due the type and size of the live stream. This allows the hashtag owner to set up an area to view how and where that registered hashtag is being used by others. Most of the time all you need is a screen used for presentations and can go to the Twubs hashtag page provided to you and see the updates.


More and more of these tools are coming into existence. They are being used in order to promote and organize. It’s important to know that these types of websites and tools exist if you’re on social media and represent a brand or market. It makes life a lot easier. Of course, this isn’t the only tool out there but it is certainly one to take notice of. The others you need to research and explore for yourself. Enjoy!