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What's Trending: Roasting

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jun 8, 2016


Social media is constantly changing. I’m sure most of you get those notifications that read “Update New Version” every time you try to open up your social media app- I know I do. Those I get frequently. And then there are those trends that occur on those various platforms that come in waves of popularity. I’m talking about the trends that are the “cool” thing to get on board with. These can be a result and the intention of the updates described above or they can be created through the creativity of the users on those social media platforms.


Well, put on your detective clothes and get ready for a series that will look deeper into the trends and news of social media. It’s time to investigate! This series is going to be called, “What’s Trending” and focuses on those behind-the-scenes trends that most people don’t know about. Some of them are pretty funny and can include an array of ideas that you wouldn’t even believe. I will also talk about the history and development of those trends and see exactly how they are created and put into existence. So if you’re interested, come and read my blog every Wednesday and find out what new trend I have uncovered. Uncover the mystery that is social media.


This week’s platform: YouTube

Trend of the Week: Roasting


So, I don’t know when was the last time you were on YouTube- but if you are on it constantly, then you will know what I am talking about. In the past couple of weeks, the top YouTubers have created this trend that is called, “Roasting”. This was formed from the idea of a, “roast”. You’re probably thinking, “Roast? Like a pig?” No. That is something entirely different. A roast is a comedic satire that feeds off of what others are criticized for. They do this for entertainment purposes only- no feelings are supposed to be hurt. A popular place to look for examples of roasts would be Saturday Night Live, who roast their celebrity guests occasionally and tease them about their faults and latest gossip news. However, YouTube has taken it a step further. In the past two weeks, more and more of these “roasting” videos have come up and it’s all in good fun. It’s almost like a game of teaser-tag. You tease a person in hopes they will see it and tease you back. There is one video in particular that caught my eye. This would be Top YouTuber, Pewdiepie’s. Pewdiepie, real name Felix, is a Let’s Player who is from Sweden. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and has over 44,000,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. So of course, when he gets on board with a trend on YouTube, it is easily noticed. He posted his Roasting video May 21st, 2016.

(DISCLAIMER: Let’s Players tend to curse a lot. So, if you are sensitive to that, please do not click on the link below.)

In this video, he roasts fellow Let’s Player, Jacksepticeye. And highlights a couple stereotypes and criticisms that have been directed to him over the years. Aside from YouTube, Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie are really good friends and spend time with each other at conventions and other events. So this video was not to be taken seriously. Even at the end of the video, Pewdiepie takes time to shower Jacksepticeye with heartfelt compliments regarding his success and his friendship with him.


But boys will be boys…

Even though there were no bad feelings for the video, Jacksepticeye retaliated with his own video, which he posted about Pewdiepie the following week. This is what friendship is about… at least on YouTube.


Who will you roast?

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Come back next Wednesday to learn about another trend in social media that you may or may not be aware of! See you then!