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What's Trending: Reactions

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jun 15, 2016


If you didn’t see or read last week’s blog post then you wouldn’t know that I will be sharing with you a different trend or update weekly within various social media platforms. This is my blog series called, "What’s Trending". Welcome!


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Last week’s blog was focusing on YouTube and the social effect that the trend "Roasting" has on its users.


Now it is time again to put on your detective clothes and get ready for a series that will look deeper into the trends and news of social media. It’s time to investigate! This series is going to be called, “What’s Trending” and focuses on those behind-the-scenes trends that most people don’t know about. Some of them are pretty funny and can include an array of ideas that you wouldn’t even believe. I will also talk about the history and development of those trends and see exactly how they are created and put into existence. So if you’re interested, come and read my blog every Wednesday and find out what new trend I have uncovered. Uncover the mystery that is social media.


This week’s platform: Facebook

Trend of the Week: Reactions


If you haven’t heard of Facebook, you need to get out more. Facebook has been one of the top social media platforms since its debut in 2004. Back then it was a simplified version compared to what it is now. Similar to Myspace, which was one of the first social media platforms to come into existence, Facebook allowed a place for people to connect and network through the Internet. The timing of Facebook’s launch was crucial as Myspace suffered from multiple lawsuits and security breaches. Facebook came out with an assurance of better security and privacy settings that the world hadn’t seen before. For a site that encouraged you to be personal and open about your life- being private was highly important to its users. Since it did launch in the early 2000’s, most people were still conservative to the idea of incorporating social media into their lifestyles. However, it began to boom in 2009 and from then on it grew into the massive platform that it is today.


Facebook comes up with several updates and changes that users can be taken good or bad- hate or love the changes. Well, that relates to the topic of this week! Reactions. We all have them. They come with the emotions embedded into us. We are all different with different mindsets and personalities. That’s the beauty of being human- no two are alike. Opinions matter- and for a business as big as Facebook, they care about what others have to say. The customer is always right…right?


The latest major update that Facebook implemented would be: Reactions. This came into action a couple months ago and people have reacted (pun intended) with great reviews!

Of course, this was rooted from the iconic Facebook thumbs-up that indicates a “like”. A “like” is a public announcement that you approve, agree, or like what the person has to say. It’s pretty self-explanatory. However, for several years the users of Facebook wanted a dislike button or freedom to not “like” something publically. What if you felt something different from the post that was different from a like? Positive or negative buttons- they wanted choices. No other options were given, until February 2016. Surprise broke out all over the world when loyal Facebook users logged onto their accounts and noticed a difference! When they went to “like” a post, they were given five other options to click on. This was big news considering Facebook hasn’t made a change like that in 12 years.


Tell me, how did you react to this blog post? Did you like it? Love it? Did it make you, “haha”? Left you astonished or surprised enough to say “wow”? Did it make you sad? Or even make you angry? Let me know! Your reactions count.


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Come back next Wednesday to learn about another trend in social media that you may or may not be aware of! See you then!