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What's Trending: Capturing Twitter

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jun 22, 2016


Attention! This is the most recent trend that I have posted about yet!

Recognize the cute little bird icon? That is the iconic bird icon which represents the social media platform, Twitter. In the past week alone, Twitter has made some significant changes to their platform that I wanted to take a moment to point out. If you didn’t see or read last week’s blog post then you wouldn’t know that I will be sharing with you a different trend or update weekly through social media. This is my blog series called, What’s Trending. Welcome! This week we will be doing something different. Instead of focusing on one trend at a time, we are going to look at two that are fairly similar and are taking place on the same platform.


If you want to read last week’s post then click this link!

Last week’s blog was focusing on Facebook and the social effect that the trend, "Reactions" has on it’s users and how they react to it (pun intended).


Now it is time again to put on your detective clothes and get ready for a series that will look deeper into the trends and news of social media. It’s time to investigate! This series is called, “What’s Trending” and focuses on those behind-the-scenes trends that most people don’t know about. Some of them are pretty funny and can include an array of ideas that you wouldn’t even believe. I will also talk about the history and development of those trends and see exactly how they are created and put into existence. So if you’re interested, come and read my blog every Wednesday and find out what new trend I have uncovered. Uncover the mystery that is social media.


This week’s platform: Twitter

Trend of the Week: Video Integration (Periscope and 140 second videos)


Recently, Twitter acquired a startup company called Magic Pony. Magic Pony was the perfect fit to the business due to its specialization in technology and imagery, more specifically, artificial intelligence (A.I.). Now why would this be a perfect fit for a social media platform? Wouldn’t a company and platform like Twitter be all right in that area? Well, they were ok- but they could be better, and Twitter recognized that. The thing is that Magic Pony did specialize in A.I. but they ultimately specialized in A.I. for visual processing. And this is the area that Twitter lacked in. Twitter knew that the video quality they provided to their users wasn’t the greatest quality, so their hope of the acquisition on Magic Pony would provide sharper videos. Especially for live streaming which goes into the first megatrend in the Twitter-verse. If you want to read more about the specifics of Magic Pony and how it will help Twitter, read this article.


Ever used Periscope?

The platform that allows all of your followers to see what you see and live vicariously through a screen. Seeing the same world but through different eyes. For a while now, Twitter has let its users have live streaming, function that Periscope revolves around. Now, Twitter has come up with an easier way for people to have the best of both worlds. A few days ago, June 15th, Twitter announced their new button: The Periscope Button! Now those who are using Periscope could live stream with the same people but through one app. No more juggling between the two. This is available on iOS and Android so there will be no one left out! This is a great way for Twitter users who don't use Periscope or not aware of it, to see the wonders of live streaming. There are many of benefits to direct streaming to your audience and with this button it just became easier.



The second trend we are going to discuss is the fact that Twitter has allowed its videos to be longer. From 30 second videos that could only contain a glimpse of what was intended, is now allowed to be expanded into 140 second long video. Users can now create, post and share these longer videos. This is a trend that started this past week! Seems like "140" is Twitter's lucky number. Smart move to make everything uniform. Plus the fact that since May 24, 2016 Twitter announced that videos and images wouldn't count against the 140 characters you are allowed to write posts in, is handy. Thanks, Twitter! Read more about that here.


Take time to research the new implementations to integrate videos and the trend it’s creating on

Come back next Wednesday to learn about another trend in social media that you may or may not be aware of! See you then!