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What's Trending?: A Colorful New Look

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jun 29, 2016



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Last week’s blog was focusing on Twitter and the video integration tools and implementation it was undertaking.


Now it is time again to put on your detective clothes and get ready for a series that will look deeper into the trends and news of social media. It’s time to investigate! This series is called, “What’s Trending” and focuses on those behind-the-scenes trends that most people don’t know about. Some of them are pretty funny and can include an array of ideas that you wouldn’t even believe. I will also talk about the history and development of those trends and see exactly how they are created and put into existence. So if you’re interested, come and read my blog every Wednesday and find out what new trend I have uncovered. Uncover the mystery that is social media.


This week’s platform: Instagram

Trend of the Week: New Logo; New Look

There are colors that capture attention almost immediately. Studies have proven this that certain color schemes attract the eyes of the beholder. However, Instagram has taken that concept to a whole new level!

Back in May 2016, Instagram updated and a surprise awaited the users when a colorful icon appeared on their screens. No longer the Polaroid camera inspired icon that everyone came to know and love. However, with the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook back in 2012, some significant changes have come upon the image-centric platform.

I am a marketer and I am all about promoting your brand so take a look at the promo video that Instagram showed during the launch of their new logo.


Inspired by the old logo, Instagram has created and launched its new image within the boundaries of a square icon. Containing multiple colors that are bright and fun. But why did they do this? What was wrong with the old logo? When you think of images and pictures on social media- you should immediately think of Instagram. Instagram has always been that social media platform that can be used by everyone. Images are making a huge impact in social media! Read this article to read up on the statistics made in 2016.The old logo represented the old Instagram and with many updates that have come upon this platform- old is not what Instagram wanted to be known for. They figured it was the perfect time to update their image. With the Polaroid-inspired icon, the focus was on photos. Since 2012, Instagram has been updated to include videos and much more. This new icon allowed an image that included a variety of visuals, not just photos. This is what represents Instagram. If you want to know more about the logo, read more about Instagram's look and it's features in this article!


Take time to research “Reactions” and the trend it’s creating on

Unfortunately, this is going to be my last What's Trending blog. I am so glad that this series was taken well by the community. Maybe occasionally I will keep login about trends. But go and explore the different social media trends! Research is out there and it's all fascinating. Let me know what you guys want me to blog about next in the comments below. I will have my next blog up next Wednesday just not under "What's Trending". See you then and thanks so much for reading!