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Pokémon is GOing Viral

Blog Post created by Samantha Campbell Employee on Jul 15, 2016

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Pokémon GO a mobile app created by Niantic to encourage users to exercise while trying to be the very best Pokémon trainer they can be. This idea was developed on the thought that there is a world of Pokémon, but why can't they be in our world too? For me, it's a little harder to keep up with the hustle and bustle of going outside and trying to catch Pokémon for research. I have a full-time job and don't get a lot of time or opportunities to go outside to see what kind of Pokémon are around me. But I'm trying my best.

I will be honest, when this first came out I was completely overwhelmed.  Pokémon in the real world? That's awesome- but very far reaching!


I was born in the 90's and as a 90's kid, you learned to appreciate the finer things in life- Pokémon. If you were lucky, you'd get your Pokémon fix by playing on your Gameboy and enjoying Pokémon Blue or Pokémon Red. So all the Pokémon I've ever known has been confined in an electrical box- TV or video games.


These were very simplistic and straight forward. You played as Ash( or whatever name you gave the character) and played out what you saw on the TV show. However with Pokémon GO you play as yourself trying to catch the unseen Pokémon within our world. There is a caution to this though. You have to be smart and aware of what is going on. Just because you add cute Pokémon to our world, does not make it safer.

Click this link for a quick introduction into Pokémon GO and get some tips on how to start playing!


I am fascinated by the technology behind it all. I love the usage of Google Maps into the app. If you know the area in which you are looking for Pokémon then you will see how helpful it is to see the building shapes, water, and roads right where they should be. For someone who has a tendency to get lost- this is great! But again, be careful. Never travel to a place that is unfamiliar or sketchy.

Be aware of your surroundings!


One of the downsides to all of these features is the battery consumption. People all over have been complaining on how much they would like to play but gameplay is restricted to how much battery is left on their mobile devices. There is a solution! Pokémon GO has a battery saver feature in the Settings bar. Most people don't know this, but it's there. It doesn't help completely but you can last a whole lot longer than you would without it.

Pokemon-Go-Settings-Battery-Saver.jpgAgain, please be safe when playing this game. I can't tell you how many stories I hear about people who are playing and not paying attention to their surroundings. Trying to catch a Pokémon is not worth putting yourself in danger. There are consequences IRL.

Here's a cool video that shows the Evolution of Pokémon. Enjoy!

Be smart and try to catch them all- Pokémon!!