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Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Sep 9, 2013

Welcome to the first Hitachi blog for Communications, Media & Entertainment (CME) Technology. 


This will be a monthly blog covering topics in the CME Industries and how Hitachi's infrastructure technology can improve the efficiency and operations of telecoms, wireless providers, broadcast, studios, post production, content distribution, and content play-out. 


The topic I would like to cover today is the proverbial question for high speed shared SAN environments where real-time video ingest and collaborative editorial workflows require fast and reliable infrastructure in a scale-out or scale-up storage controller model


The first consideration is how many editorial clients with software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro and how many streams and stream type are required for the aggregate workflow.  The considerations for scale out are high numbers of real-time streams (broadcast centric) where distribution of the streams across controllers allows sustained real time performance and the ratio of streams to controller is relatively low.  Additionally, the considerations for scale up are fewer quantities of larger streams (cinematic centric) and the aggregate bandwidth of a single array or a few arrays is capable of driving real-time sustained throughput for higher data rate streams.  These storage architectures are managed by a shared SAN file-system that can use different pooling technologies to share out the media and content across different operation systems and clients that are SAN attached.  These types of file-systems are known as StorNext, HyperFS, and MetaSAN. 


Hitachi has reference architectures and specific configuration parameters to ensure that the operation of one of these highly specialized SAN environments runs properly with many elements of tuning and architectural design. 


Look forward to continue the conversation in the Global Accounts Customer Community!