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Digital Transformation for Communications, Media & Entertainment - Part 2

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Oct 19, 2016

Hi Everyone,


The fall season in the USA in October is creating many great photo opportunities with the leaves changing color and the beginnings of snowfall in areas of the country as well as some very warm areas still holding on to the last bits of summer.  This week's blog will focus on Part 2 of the Digital Transformation for Communications, Media & Entertainment, specifically focusing on Media & Entertainment companies and organizations that are experiencing rapid change across several major vectors of the business in content creation for news, sports, episodic, and cinematic workflows.  Digital Transformation takes many definitions for horizontal and vertical markets and each has a different vantage point and benefactor to their strategic direction and overall business definition to be refactored towards digital advantage.






How do Media & Entertainment companies view Digital Transformation?


The very definition of a Media & Entertainment company is changing due to consumer habits and behavior which drives the digital transformation strategy from how content is conceived, created, edited, modified, transcoded, encoded, packaged, delivered, and even archived.  Companies that are in the business of content creation for traditional broadcast methods over RF and streaming methods of standard and high definition for news, sports, and episodic material are finding a greater consumption over streaming and IP (internet protocol) methods delivered via mobile and fixed broadband providers (Telecoms and Cable companies).  Studios and artists that create cinematic content via advanced thought leaders in story making in ever challenging methods to attract and retain audiences in theaters and streaming services are finding that content drives the delivery mechanism and consumption of movies based on their content playability.


Digital Transformation for Media & Entertainment can be focused on four distinct areas:

  • full end to end IP based virtualized and automated workflow for Live and VOD content creation
  • IP stream broadcast primary method for distribution for HD and 4k content
  • metadata and analytics driven cinematic content creation and curation
  • metadata and collaborative workflow driven global content catalog with online repository & deep archive





\Each of these areas that have a goal to transform from analog or fractional workflows to full digitally transformed workflows that greatly enhance the methods of how content is created, consumed, curated, and archived.  This new methodology allows advanced automation and workflows that focus on content quality and increasing consumption with hyper-focused unicast advertising to streaming media based consumers. The Media & Entertainment industry will undergo strategic and refactored change for the next several years which will ultimately improve the consumer experience by leveraging analytics and big data.