Shane Archiquette

Digital Transformation for Communications, Media & Entertainment - Part 3

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Apr 20, 2017

Now that Telecom and Media digital transformation have been reviewed and discussed in the previous two parts, the third will cover how digital transformation is converging both industries together in to a single entity that spans the full range of content creation and origination to distribution and everything in between. 


From the inception of commercial content being created, there is some planning and focus on the type of content to create to enable engagement in 'audience' that has a goal to have multiple outcomes: inform, entertain, advertise, and ultimately monetize.  Other forms of personal content through various social media channels are focused to entertain and inform to their respective friends and family audiences.  Content creation happens at an ever increasing pace due to advancements in technology to make it easy for just about anyone to create content, however, there is still artistry and imagination involved to create truly engaging and enlightening content that can draw a large number of watchers and have high probability of success.  This is where content analytics comes in to help with analyzing previous storylines and themes across multiple movie and tv show types and then using predictive algorithms to determine the next story architecture and constructs. 


For the telecom space the digital supply chain of content creation to delivery is the primary theme of how the next generation telecom revenue models will enable the rise of content specialization and hyper focused advertising.  Content providers, aggregators, and distributors aligned with Telecoms globally are creating the all IP production to distribution workflows that enable the dynamic licensing models and advertising structures that monetize the content through to the end user.  This will ultimately enable better content recommendation and suggestion engines that use machine learning from realtime and near realtime content consumption analytics for better end user 'quality of experience'  Telecoms are increasingly leveraging analytics to help handling the deluge of digital video data across their networks and help dynamically shape, migrate, and distribute video traffic based on adaptive network detection and correction.


In summary the future of telecom and media will be shaped but automation through machine learning derived from analytics and assisted by human readable cognition that dynamically searches through vast amounts of visual and textual content for the betterment of the quality of experience for end users and customers. 


The most elemental construct is that each phone, tablet, device connected to a telecom network is a thing. It is a very intelligent thing. These things constitute the IoT enabled experience for Telecoms to modernize the future entertainment and engagement with their customers.