Shane Archiquette

Digital Transformation for Communications, Media & Entertainment - Part 4

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Apr 20, 2017

In the final post on Digital Transformation for Communications, Media & Entertainment, the focus will culminate on the fusion of Media (content creation) Entertainment (content and sensory experience), Communications (content delivery and consumption).


Media creation through broadcast, episodic, news, sports, and cinematic content generate the prime majority of the global entertainment for passive viewership through over the air, linear, fixed and mobile broadband, over the top.  Increasing media creation is occurring through dynamic and interactive means via video enhanced apps like snapchat, Facebook live, instagram story, etc. as well as augmented reality and virtual reality.


The sheer quantity of outlets for creative producers and directors to leverage for content creation is astounding and contributing to the overall body of content that is 'digital native' and is already transformed to the way people want to consume content.


For legacy content, the digital transformation comes with converting old media assets that exist locked up on tapes and other media such as film and digitizing them in the highest recordable resolution and extracting metadata through object detection and audio transcription software.  This gives the content owners a new way to monetize old assets and create new and enhanced programming.  Additionally they can contribute historically to new generations that may wish to consume legacy content in ways never intended at the time of content creation. 


For distribution via the telecom networks globally, digital transformation comes in the form of the legacy networks adaptation of data network speeds to provide for new services that will transform the telecoms entire delivery services and revenue model.  Technologies like 5G, MEC, NFV, IOT, and blockchain will completely digitally transform the telecom networks of the world in to being more effective at dynamically adaptive services that are location aware and hyper-customized to the individual needs of their users and customers. 


The future looks very bright for Telecom and Media & Entertainment vertical industries converging in to IoT Content and Data Intelligence enabled structures.