Shane Archiquette

The Next-Generation Telecom powered by Hitachi @ NEXT 2017

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Aug 17, 2017

Telecoms need faster wireless and mobile broadband will provide real-time networking to more enriched services and increase the Quality of Experience of the user. The services such as high quality video for entertainment, infused/blended social media interactivity, IoE correlation services, augmented reality, connected cars, enriched services within smart cities, and seamless internet/data coverage within buildings. Additionally IoT, IIoT services that provide smart services to public and private domain interests will come in to operational capability. The real-time correlation of the data sources needed and carrier infrastructure are the methods in which 5G mobile networks will be enabled with most Tier 1 Telco operators by 2020.    This session will cover how Hitachi powers the next generation Telecoms of the future with technologies such as 5G, MEC, NFV, VNF, OTT, ML, and AI; all solutions that Hitachi is enabling for world-class dynamic telecom services. 


Come to the Hitachi NEXT conference September 18-20, 2017 in Las Vegas to learn more.