Shane Archiquette

After CES 2018 - 5G Future and IoT Data Convergence

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Jan 15, 2018

Technology has a way of enabling advancements that can impact our daily lives in profound ways and each year in January the Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas to showcase all of the new year's technological advancements. More companies are showcasing enterprise technologies that impact businesses in new ways.  5G networks globally will bring new services to both business and consumers by providing faster more reliable connectivity between core and edge, video service to smart device, and IoT service to sensor; all to create exponentially improved services that make our daily lives easier and more connected.


With 5G providing gigabit speeds or more there are services such as 4k streaming live and VOD, AR and VR services, Autonomous and Connected Cars and in 5G broadband networks that connect buildings, businesses, airports, and other structures with bandwidth that will greatly surpass traditional cable and wired networks. Additionally the competition between broadband services will become more fierce due to more choices and plans. 


IoT Data applications and services stand to take a significant leap forward via 5G and LPWA networks by enabling the availability of sensor networks that power Smart City services for both safety and municipal services that improve the processes and efficiency of the operations of the cities and people that live in them. 


With Hitachi Vantara's Lumada Core and Edge platforms and services in the future enabling and powering 5G networks  applications there is a significant advantage that Telecoms enabling 5G over the next 3 years will be able to leverage powerful realtime mobile edge computing based Smart services to their municipal, business, and consumer customers increase their ARPU and overall bottom line. 


The first 5G services will be starting later this year with some of the Top global Telcos and roll out over the next 5 years to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Telcos as well.  As most would expect 5G networks are a large investment for a Telco but are promised to bring large factor returns over time with 5G enabled services.