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Telecoms in 2018 - The Road to Global 5G and the Future Telco Service Provider

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Feb 1, 2018

As the Global Telecom Industry is rapidly building out the next generation of 5G networks to greatly enhance their capacity to offer new and differentiated services, a new set of potential business models that can bring new revenue streams begin to unfold.  The Tier 1 Telcos will be first to market with 5G enabled and smart services likely by 2020 with the Tier 2 Telcos likely between 2020 - 2023. By leveraging and deploying technologies such as SDN, MEC, IoT, and Small-Cell the services can be provided intelligently with high QoE.  This structure will enable the end-user businesses and consumers to interact with an consume services from the Telcos like never before and provide seamless interaction of services such as:

-video services (social, entertainment, education, commerce)

-location aware application service experience (gaming, shopping, transport, municipal) 

-gigabit+ fixed broadband (cable-free)

-gigabit+ mobile broadband

-smart services (car, building, factory, campus, building, security)


The near term Telecom business models will have to explore how this leads to their 'Future Service Provider' strategy.


This month the Mobile World Congress 2018 (26 Feb - 1 March 2018) event is being hosted in Barcelona, Spain with the world's Telecom operators, suppliers, integrators, and industry analysts all attending or exhibiting.  This is a time when the Telco Industry sets the tone of advancement and trajectory for the next year of innovations and ideas to greater expand the effect of the Telcos in society and commerce. 


Hitachi@ will have a multi-factor presence at MWC 2018 with key business and technical teams with our  partners and customers.  More information to be announced in the coming weeks. 


The themes this year focus on key areas that impact how the industry organizes the next strategic phases of their business models.  Here are the key themes:


-The 4th Industrial Revolution

-Future Services Provider

-The Network

-The Digital Consumer

-Tech in Society

-Content & Media

-Applied AI



Please have a look at the details of the themes as they are quite interesting for a variety of audiences:


Throughout each of these themes there exists an interweave of areas that Hitachi touches through the use of sustainable, enabling, and intelligent technologies and provides the Telecoms a company and partner that can depend on for years to come.  With the key alignment factors each of the themes mentioned, Hitachi will provide a series of solutions and business models that power the Telecoms service capabilities of tomorrow. 


In the next series of blog posts, I will be covering each week the MWC themes as a breakout discussion and describe the ways that Hitachi is providing solutions to each area comprehensively. 


Would be great to hear anyone's thoughts on the topics mentioned and to include in the discussions of the upcoming theme areas.


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