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Telecoms in 2018 - -The 4th Industrial Revolution

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Feb 5, 2018

In this segment of the Telecoms in 2018 series, we will cover the subject of 'The 4the Industrial Revolution' which is profoundly changing aspects of daily life, manufacturing, transportation, city services, information technology and overall society by the use of automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and dynamic metadata for the 'digital business' and 'digital consumer'. Newer distributed technologies like blockchain are laying the foundations of how IoT enabled services can be secured and transacted to put the automation in to action securely and rapidly at the edge closest to the business and personal consumption of the services. 


The global use of mobile phones and tablets enables the reach to the end user to drive quality of experience by super-low latency, high-bandwidth services that are provide from edge cloud networks and resources.  Telecoms are at the heart of this confluence to drive the next 4th generation of Industrial IoT and consumer IoT services from the core to the edge base stations to the 5G network that will be commonplace in just a few years, the new set of solutions to provide the Industrial businesses at scale with smarter / intelligent cities, factories, malls, campuses, cars, planes, boats, and homes allow for a bright future of services and society. 


Connected Technologies that provide the layer of integration and automation is the core strategy of Hitachi IoT and Lumada and Pentaho to be key enablers in the new future of Connection and Intelligence through the use of data and metadata that is well formed and adapted to provide the AI and ML engines that blend and use data in real-time and near real-time for better SLAs and QoE to the end users.


Finally the 4th Industrial Revolution will enable multi-factor partnerships that allow core to edge functions that can built with best of breed blended technologies that create the best outcomes and use cases.  The co-creation services that Hitachi provides is a framework for enabling rapid time to service market with key Telecoms, MNOs, and MVNOs. 


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Next week we will focus on the Future Services Provider in the Telecom space.


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