Shane Archiquette

Digital Telecom - enabling new business models through advanced intelligence

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Jan 7, 2019

As more of the technologies that are showcased in the Telecom Industry to enable the next generation networks that will promise to bring greater quality of experience to the fixed and mobile broadband services that today are underserved and need much improvement.  The mobile infrastructure and devices that are using 4G LTE networks today and 5G networks in the near future, generate a significant amount of data that is useful in understanding quantitatively how the networks, services, and devices are performing.  How can Telecoms leverage interim new services to help fund 5G and small-cell build-outs? These are the basis of the next generation of advanced services such as low-latency, high quality playback video, IoT & security 'smart' services for businesses and homes, and on the grand scale, smart cities that need high levels of integration and functions to be useful for the citizens of the smart city. 


The Digital Telecom of the future will focus on enabling these services with technologies that have advanced intelligence using AI and RPA such as Call Detail Record (CDR) data that can be mixed with network performance data,  billing system data, social sentiment data; all to build usage pattern insights that can drive personalized advertisements that can subsidize the network expansion for 5G all while systematically improving the services over time with more refined analytics.  The Lumada platform from Hitachi has the basis of the IoT services platform that can provide advanced insights and outcomes for Telecoms to leverage the ongoing data that is generated and the Hitachi Visualization Suite can provide the IoT infrastructure provisioning and management, while Pentaho can drive the multi-source data integration and analytics to provide the reporting and data driven evidence to help with decision making and service improvement.


What are some of the ways Telecoms can improve their services with 4G LTE based networks in the mean time?


What can Telecoms do to drive faster buildout of 5G, small cells, and VNFs with network slicing; all of which are the basis of new data driven services?


How can Telecom operators leverage video as IoT data to improve their operations and bottom line?