Shane Archiquette

The Era of Intelligent Connectivity and Pervasive 5G

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Jan 21, 2019

Leading up to the global Telecom conference Mobile World Congress 2019 there are many articles and advertisements about the oncoming 5G networks that are the promise of the new digital life that we all experience in the next 3-5 years depending on where you live.  The major theme of this years MWC is 'Intelligent Connectivity' which focuses on 8 segment themes that are designed to highlight the current and future communications industry focus areas that are in progressive development by the world's Telecom Operators and the respective ecosystem partnership companies. 


The 8 themes of MWC 2019


Artificial Intelligence

Industry 4.0

Immersive Content

Disruptive Innovation

Digital Wellness

Digital Trust

The Future


The aspects for connectivity in a digital life and business world are meaning to evolve the collective intelligence and commerce to improve our daily lives through pervasive and reliable methods that allow real-time services to exist when and where we need them.  By leveraging AI and intelligent digital placement from machine learned location aware intent based networking which can provide the mechanism to map the service to the user with the service level or quality of experience they desire and expect.  Disruptive Innovation is a key theme that creates the fusion of AI,  IoT and Edge Computing to enable Smart Services for Cities, Business, and Homes - this is expected to drive the next wave of powerful innovations for Digital Wellness for healthy sustainable living and Digital Trust for increasingly mobile banking and commerce.


One of the themes that may be 'missing' is Data Mobility  - this will power all of the key themes and their objectives.


Hitachi Vantara will be at MWC 2019 and will be showcasing solutions that can be part of the ecosystem of the key themes that will be throughout the show to drive the next generation of Telecom operations and services.  Come see us in the IoT Pavillion in Hall 8, come on by and have a Big Conversation about how we can help with your Digital Business success.