Shane Archiquette

The New World of the Telecom Service Provider - 5G Acceleration by Telco DataOps

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Jul 2, 2019

After attending the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019 conference last week, there was a new direction on what the 5G ecosystem and related use cases really means for the world's telecom operators and society at large.  The myriad of 5G use cases are simply astonishing and impact every major vertical industry from transport, healthcare, banking, entertainment, manufacturing, energy, and mining as well as many other sub-industry and cross-industry areas in eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) and URLLC (ultra reliable low latency communication).  


There was an apparent ubiquity of 5G acceleration across the telecoms, suppliers, and integrators that all exhibited at the conference.  There were telcos showing their solutions across the above mentioned industries to show the B2B and B2G potential of 5G use cases such as remote mining for safety, power distribution fault rapid repair, emergency health smart ambulance, V2V/V2X connected cars, and smart banking 5G terminals. In the B2C space consumer experiences such as enhanced entertainment on 4k and 8k video as well as fully integrated intelligent home with variable automation using 5G terminals.   The suppliers all showed their respective new technologies to contribute to the 5G ecosystem such in the network as 5G NR, massive MIMO, and cloud network NFV based solutions.  Many handset and accessory manufacturers were there showcasing the latest devices with a high focus on 5G delivered entertainment through video and gaming.  


There was a largely missing part of the conference that had to do with the very core part of what makes all of the 5G ecosystem work which is DATA and 5G core and edge data platform providers as a key enabler for 5G acceleration.  As 5G based services are enabled in ever increasing cities and locations, the amount of real-time data that is required to be moved between core and edge will exponentially increase beyond levels that have been seen before.  The telecom operators will have to identify new ways to store and cache data and use automation and intent based routing to provide data-driven digital services for the B2B and B2C use cases that require telemetry and sentiment for maximum effect to the end user.  


This is the start of Telco DataOps journey which Hitachi Vantara has a unique capability and solution portfolio to provide to the global telecom Digital Services Providers in enabling the path to new 5G revenue through data-driven methodologies, automation, and platform services. As 5G evolves to become more widely distributed over the next few years, the rise of data operations will take hold as a cornerstone of the Telco services platforms capability and interdependence on data.  At the NEXT 2019 conference in October 8-10 2019 in Las Vegas there will be more content about Telco DataOps and how the 5G ecosystem can be greatly enhanced with data driven operations.   


 Let's all look forward to a great future with 5G as the fabric of the next generation of advanced B2B and B2C services.  It would be great to know more view on this topic from the Hitachi Vantara Community.