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Building a Cohesive Business Requires Cohesive Data Governance

Blog Post created by Scott Baker Employee on Jan 31, 2019

For any company’s success, agility and governance are inextricably linked to the sustainability of data quality. Now, more than ever, everyone in an organization has a responsibility to be data stewards focused on the use and delivery of information that is of the highest referential value. Whether you look at this through the lens of recent data privacy laws, those fined for non-compliance, new market leaders that are disrupting established verticals, or something else, our experience shows that the efforts placed on elevating data quality are not only worth it, but key to growing your business.


Would you be surprised to know that?


  1. Success is not about having, it’s about sharing: data should be a shared asset, but many companies fail to treat it as such. When data is not shared, many versions of reality are created, copies of data flood the data center, and governance mechanisms fail. More importantly, employees compete to promote their own version of reality and make decisions based on their own version of the data.
  2. Data inherently does not understand boundaries: data transcends traditional organizational hierarchies, but many companies expect the lines of business to be responsible for the data they create. But any attempt to reconcile the governance and control of data against the company’s formal structures is a fool’s errand.
  3. Poor quality erodes trust; without trust, there can be no growth: when users don’t trust the data or each other, it’s incredibly hard to unlock value.


So, what should I do?


Glad you asked. I recently had a chance to work with 451 Research on the need for cohesive data management and governance. The resulting research generated a Business Impact Brief, Unstructured Data: The Quest for Relevance in Data Management, that you can access by clicking the image below.




What excites me about the brief is where we can help (see my whiteboard below). Hitachi Vantara continues to invest in solutions that automate the design, deployment, and management of data delivery with the appropriate levels of governance and metatdata to improve the quality, use and value of data in dynamic environments.


I had the opportunity to whiteboard this for a few of our customers – here is how it turned out:


Data Gov Whiteboard.png



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