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Hitachi “Internet of Things that Matter” does Vegas (This time what happens in Vegas should truly NOT stay in Vegas!)

Blog Post created by Sara Gardner Employee on May 8, 2015

Hitachi Headlines Las Vegas

Last week has to be one of the highlights of my working career.  End of April is traditionally the HDS Financial Year Kick Off but this year we went bigger, way way bigger.  Not only did we kick off the New Year HDS style in Las Vegas but we did it with executives from more than 40 of our sister companies, Nakanishi-san and the Hitachi Ltd Executive Office, some 80+ journalists, analysts and bloggers as well as representatives from our partner community.  Suffice to say it was quite the party.  Over 3000 happy attendees I believe. 


I’m still waiting for the show photographer to pour through the 1000s of official shots but here are some casual ones to give you a flavor.  You can see all the originals on the HDS Face Book page


Count the number of smiles!

Connect Montage.jpg


And YES!  We were Trending on Twitter!

Thanks to all our Social Media savvy supporters who not only helped drive #HDSConnect on to the top 40 trending list on the first day but also helped us achieve over 30 million Social Media impressions by the end of the week. 


That’s totally a Social Media first for us – watch out Justin Bieber you’ve got competition!


A big thank you also to all our partner’s who sponsored event and of course to everyone who attended.


Our Inaugural “Internet of Things” Showcase brought the house down!

A key reason for the summit was to launch our combined Social Innovation vision and what better way to do that than an “Internet of Things” showcase. We pulled together 65 demo stations to not only showcase our technology, solutions and research but also to illustrate what will be possible in industries like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications and Public Safety.  


The audience seemed impressed and our “live feedback word cloud” prominently displayed words like ‘Wow’, ‘Awesome’ and ‘Amazing’.  Sorry if I sound a little like an over enthusiastic parent but I’m just so very proud of what we achieved :-)


Here’s a quick summary of some of the highlights


From Transportation to Healthcare to Energy to Public Safety to Cute Robots!

We organized the showcase in zones covering various applications of Social Innovation (IoT).  Our Data Science labs showed projects ranging from dynamic optimization of mining equipment to preventive maintenance, Oil field operations optimization and power grid analytics.


Our Robotics team based in Japan brought over the Hitachi Humanoid robot EMIEW2 to demonstrate not only advances in the field of robotics but also the potential that image and audio analysis will bring in a range of applications


The EMIEW Robotics team – clearly enjoying Vegas!

Think they want to come back!

EMIEW wave.jpg


This was EMIEW’s first journey outside of Japan and judging by her enthusiastic arm waving during her performances she enjoyed Las Vegas very much! She was quite the crowd pleaser too as you can no doubt imagine.  Robots don’t come any cuter that’s for sure.  And as you can see from the picture she brought her identical twin for company.


In our Smart City area Hitachi Consulting showed a number of different solutions for Building efficiency, Microgrids and Energy Management along with partner Johnson Controls.  This is shaping up to be a key area of focus for Hitachi and indeed for is a pretty hot area in the industry too.


The Smart City Public Safety area included Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) on a large touchscreen along with development projects integrating live similar face and object search.  We were delighted as well to have Dave Kamperin – Director of Public Space Management at the DowntonDC Business Improvement District as a special guest speaker during the conference.  Washington DC Metropolitan Police are HVS users and are truly at the forefront of technology in Public Safety.


Dave Kamperin presenting during the key notes.  HVS on display



The Healthcare, Transportation and Energy exploration areas really demonstrated our breadth from machines that generate data to the IT infrastructure and analytics solutions to process and capitalize on that data.  We had several pieces of Hitachi made industrial equipment on show including an Electron Microscope and a Mining Dump Truck simulator along with plenty of examples of how analytics are used in these areas. 


When did you last get to test drive a dump truck at an It show?



And Hitachi Automotive, Clarion and Hitachi Rail all showed the latest innovations in transportation and telematics in the Smart City Transport area.  From Train-as-a-service to analytics for electric vehicles to  autonomous driving to human mobility analysis and visualization


Nick Chisnall from Hitachi Consulting explains the concept of Train as a Service


We had a large contingent from our R&D labs in Japan in attendance too. With over 2000 researchers worldwide it was tough to select what to show but we endeavored to show a representative set from video and image analytics to augmented reality to human behavior analysis and a variety of evolving IoT infrastructure projects.


We not only have some of the smartest Data Scientists in the Industry but some of the smiliest too :-)



Our newest members of the Hitachi family – Pentaho and Oxya were also out in force and both drew a lot of attention.  And of course we had all the latest IT infrastructure on show including the newly announced Hitachi Hyper Scale out Platform.  As well as many of our other industrial businesses from Hitachi Nuclear, Hitachi Chemical, Hitachi Metals to Hitachi Koki (Power Tools)


Chilling with the Pentaho team


Coming soon to a Briefing Center near you!

It will take some time to set up but we hope to transfer as many demos and exhibits as possible to our Briefing Centers.  We have more photos on our Facebook page and new ones being posted.