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Content Archiving as a Cloud Service (Authors: Trevor Williams and Steve Garone)

Blog Post created by Steve Garone Employee on Nov 7, 2016

The market for cloud services is rapidly accelerating and traditional storage platform companies, like HDS, are making transformational changes to the business model to more aggressively align and pursue the “as-a-service” market opportunity. The cloud services market has emerged with great strength and with several new market leaders, this is directly changing the landscape, our customer’s viewpoint, their pricing expectations and delivery models in a way that is forever changing the rules of how to compete. Cloud services are having a profound impact on our customers and our business and even our most traditional competitors are finding the need to change and keep pace with this new services defined world. 


Cloud services are dramatically different from traditional product offerings by providing consumption based operational transaction model (OPEX) as compared to the traditional up front capital purchase order. Consumption models carry much less risk for our customers with respect to the use of IT technologies designed to serve the business and cloud makes it much more price sensitive.  We have already seen firsthand how this is having a direct impact not just on customer transactions but also on back office business processes that need to adapt to how our customers will consume storage in the future.


One cloud service type gaining a great deal of interest is content archiving.  The growth of data and information being experienced by enterprises today has created a need for a means to store large amounts of information, including content, within an integrated cloud environment.  This environment needs to be able to scale to meet these growing content requirements, while providing on ramps from the enterprise to other cloud resources as well as the ability to deliver file services to distributed sites and remote users.  Object stores serve the purpose well, providing a low cost, high capacity, scalable centralized storage mechanism that can eliminate the need for cloud backup and recovery.  


Hitachi Content Platform is a storage data management solution that provides a cloud enabled data tiering strategy. Objects can be stored as a on or off site cloud based approach for multiple purposes including: unstructured data assets, longer term backup assets and long term data preservation archiving. Typical applications are remote archive solutions such as general purpose archiving, SAP archiving, and backup via partners such as Veritas and Commvault.


We offer two examples for methods of moving to the cloud via remote office solutions powered by Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI). Hitachi Data Ingestor is a bottomless and backup free cloud on-ramp that enables an advanced edge-to-core storage solution. HDI with Hitachi Content Platform creates an integrated offering that provides distributed consumers of IT, such as branch offices or cloud storage users, with a seamlessly scalable, backup-free solution. Deployedas a minimal-footprint or virtual appliance, HDI sends data from the edge to a core infrastructure, employing advanced storage and data management capabilities. With this solution, customers can greatly reduce the cost and complexity of providing IT services to geographically dispersed locations or cloud consumers.

SAP archiving is another example. This solution type has generated a great deal of interest from our partners as a way to offer increased servicesto consumers running SAP. Working with our partners, Hitachi enables a common repository for archiving SAP data into the cloud - therefore reducing the cost of storing data by shifting stale SAP data to a lower tier of storage into the cloud. During storage, the data is enriched with metadata, which can also include retention time and storage period details.


The platform runs without any database, and thus requires very little administration. Additional options can improve theaccess performance for SAP archive files.


These solutions help our partners build out a rich portfolio of offerings making them more relevant to their customers.



These are the types of solutions our Cloud Services providers are developing for their customers. Hitachi is continuing to advance its portfolio to help them deliver more sophisticated solutions for the cloud services marketplace. Our cloud service providers (CSP) have emerged as the dominate force providing cloud services within our
ecosystem of partners.   Content archiving is one way our CSP partners are inserting themselves into the value chain because they can capitalize on enabling HDS technology into the cloud services our customers want to consume. Our CSP sales programs are aligning with the new consumption model for cloud services providers to reduce their initial up front capital cost and therefore enabling them to provide an aggressive pay-as-you-go model to their end user customers. This emergence of
cloud service providers will shape the cloud business for years to come.


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