Summer Matheson

Bundles Are Better

Blog Post created by Summer Matheson Employee on May 14, 2018

As spring comes to an end and summer begins (pun intended, it’s my first blog!), exciting things are happening here at Hitachi Vantara! By now you are aware we just launched an all new VSP F & VSP G Series with models that are better than ever- but we aren’t done yet!


To kick off the summer vibes, imagine you’re on a beach vacation: a 5-star resort, relaxing and having a great time. You think to yourself “is there anything that would make this vacation better?”, meanwhile your spouse is coming back from the bar with 2 drinks that cost another $50 on top of the thousands you’ve spent just to get there. Then it hits you- you should have done an all-inclusive. Same scenery, same pools, same spa’s, same drinks and same food without the extra cash flying out of your wallet!


With that in mind, I’d like to introduce our all new software packaging. Every new VSP F/G model comes bundled with this rich set of value added software. Depending on the level of modernized data center management and protection your organization needs, it’s like having your hotel accommodations, food AND adult beverages all rolled into one- without any extra fees!


Our new FOUNDATION PACKAGE comes standard with all VSP F and G series. Combining the core Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating Systems RF (SVOS RF) with an array of other value-added Hitachi Vantara software titles (HSA, HDID, HIAA), this is the go-to for businesses looking to implement advanced data center analytics:


  • Hitachi Storage Advisor- easy to use, central configuration control and wizard driven management application of multiple VSP systems.
  • SVOS RF- our all new redesigned flash-optimized, multithread operating system
  • Local Replication- provides snapshots and local mirroring to protect and accelerate copy creation and use.
  • Hitachi Data Instance Director- automates and orchestrates a broad range of data copy and movement technologies including recovery, agile and governance copy services.
  • Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor- monitors and analyzes your data center with machine learning insights optimizing service levels, pinpointing problems, troubleshooting and predicting when upgrades are needed.
  • Hitachi Data Mobility Software- maximizes application performance and minimizes costs by automatically and transparently moving data across tiers of storage.


Turtely radical right?


Now, if your enterprise business has demanding uptime requirements and more complex data center operations, Hitachi Vantara tropics like its hot with our ADVANCED PACKAGE for all VSP F and G Series as well. With this selection, you get all the advantages of the foundation package and more:


  • Hitachi Remote Replication- asynchronous replication for long-distance disaster recovery and metro-area recovery with zero data loss.
  • Global-Active Device- All data changes are mirrored in real time for nonstop, uninterrupted data access in an active-active metrocluster than spans up to 500km while providing read and write access to both sides of the cluster- unlike any other solution out there!
  • Hitachi Automation Director- automates infrastructure provisioning workflows and operations for consistent, error-free deliver of IT resources to business applications.


These easy to order software packages provide industry leading analytics, automation, protection and provisioning all at a maximum value.


Just like a great Hotwire deal- for a limited time, the Advanced Software Package has been priced to enable customers to add enterprise-class data protection and advanced automation at an exceptional value. Depending on the model, customers can save up to $200k off their list price if they choose the Advanced software package versus buying Remote Replication, Global-Active Device and Hitachi Automation Director separately.


Shells yeah!