Summer Matheson

Simple, Effective, Flash-tastic

Blog Post created by Summer Matheson Employee on Nov 1, 2018

These days the world of technology is getting more complex, more innovative and more exciting. With the rapid growth of data and application environment unpredictability, businesses are looking for simplicity to combat the complexity of the data storm that’s emerging- having the right technology with the right solution(s) is more imperative than ever.


Recently we had the opportunity to present one of our solutions involving our VSP F900 all flash array and Brocade Fibre Channel network to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). If you aren’t familiar with them, we utilize their technical validation group to quantify the value of what we offer. They help us in proving WHY our solutions matter to IT decision makers.


With this validation, we wanted to show the performance features and capabilities our storage array (VSP 900) can tackle while showcasing the value that our software products bring to customers and their data.


The test involved validating Oracle workload performance on the VSP F900 with one VSP connected to the SAN via two Brocade G620 Fibre Channel switches. Additionally, they looked at the setup of our global-active device (GAD) pair via Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) to protect Oracle data at a secondary site. Finally, they validated how the Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) helps organizations better resolve and prevent issues that affects storage performance.


I won’t go into the nitty gritty details, that is for you to read here. Really impressive stuff and that is a completely unbiased opinion *wink*. If you’re still reading this, that means you didn’t click on the report like I wanted you to. You’re probably one of those people that looks up the Bachelor spoilers before the show even airs… that’s ok, I do that too, but guess what? I still watch the episodes so here.


Ok fine, but before I cut to the chase on the end result, I want to point out that they also compared our VSP F800 to the new VSP F900 for an even better way to understand how powerful this array is. That’s not necessarily the focal point, but it is worth noting and since VSPs are my product babies, I like to show them off at every opportunity:

In the end, ESG validated that the VSP F900 takes performance up a notch (not surprising) and implementing data availability using GAD helps businesses create and deploy polices for effective data management across 2 data centers while HDID makes the process simple to ensure proper backup. Last, but not least, HIAA helps organizations identify causes of performance issues, anticipate future ones and take recommended courses of action all in efforts to minimize the impact to the business.


All of this solutions components have one thing in common: effective simplicity. Most of the time if something is simple, we tend to think “its too good to be true”, that is why I emphasize the word effective. Each product here produces a simple and effective implementation making complex situations seem effortless. Our goal to deliver continuous availability, high performance and automation while maximizing infrastructure value was accomplished. If a business is looking for a simple storage solution that can take on the challenges of the aforementioned then this. Is. It. (one of them anyway).