Sean Moser

HDS + Sepaton: Meeting Customers Data Protection Needs in the Modern Data Center

Blog Post created by Sean Moser on Aug 13, 2014

It never fails to leave an impression on me… and it seems to be a constant…


No matter what new technology or innovation we as an industry provide, no matter the trend or the buzz is – when I ask a customer about their real current issues, they always come around to data protection.


Whether it’s the large grocery chain in the south that spends as much on “backup” as they do on primary data center activities, or the Latin American retailer that went months without successfully being able to back up their mission critical application, or the European financial that could tell me with authority that they have 26 copies of a key applications database, but couldn’t say if any of those copies could be used to keep the business going if the primary went offline - they all still have critical data protection issues.


As the company with “data” as our middle name, all forms of data management are important to us – especially the protection of data.  So we have not only helped those customers do better, we have also been executing a broad strategy to holistically address data instances and protection use-cases in an integrated manner.


With the importance of a sound data protection strategy in mind, I am pleased to announce that Hitachi Data Systems has acquired Sepaton, a leader in incredibly fast, scalable, and cost-efficient purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA). The addition of Sepaton as a wholly-owned subsidiary is part of a larger HDS data protection strategy that offers enterprise customers comprehensive data protection that is scalable and integrated.


Customers are increasingly telling me they are having to more closely align their IT organizations to their businesses, in order to better cope with the constant onslaught of data growth and to be better positioned for 3rd platform technologies in cloud, Big Data and mobile solutions. This tighter alignment between the business and IT is something we call Business Defined IT.


At the foundation of Business Defined IT, leading organizations are deploying a continuous infrastructure, which makes data available at the right place, time and cost. The HDS approach is a service-level-oriented protection scheme that balances the cost of protection with the business needs for data availability – whether it’s number of copies, location of copies, or frequency of copies. This acquisition better enables us to help our customers reduce the cost of protection, enable more data to be protected against disaster, and offer greater flexibility in where or how it is protected.


Customers will now have access to the combined strength of HDS’ market-leading solutions and services with Sepaton’s enterprise proven data protection – giving IT organizations peace of mind that their most valuable asset (their data) will be stored, protected and managed on the best infrastructure on the planet.


Sepaton and HDS have partnered for many years, and have a number of mutual customers who have experienced the power of our combined solutions.


While it’s true the data protection space is a fairly mature market, it’s also one of significant growth because it’s so critical to the continued viability of a business. In fact, IDC estimates the PBBA market will see a CAGR of 19.2% to about US$5.3B in 2015. Already today, more than 3,000 of the largest enterprises across a number of industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, and energy trust Sepaton to assure the safety of their mission-critical backup data.


As we've demonstrated with prior acquisitions, that number can significantly multiply with the backing, Global reach and proven credibility of HDS.


With the addition of Sepaton, HDS customers have access to one of the broadest portfolios of data protection solutions in the industry. HDS can address customer pain-points with the most effective technology; whether disk-based deduplication or data instance management, HDS has a solution that best solves the customer’s problem.


And finally, these new offerings will enable customers to easily harness the power of deduplication without making radical changes to their computing environment. For example, unique and patented Sepaton deduplication technology can squeeze up to 25TB of data into only 1TB of storage.


There is a lot more to talk about here, and you can expect to hear much about our data protection offerings and strategy. Like previous acquisitions by HDS, we aren’t buying customers or a product that gets stuck “as is” – suspended, unchanged in amber until the end of time.  We are acquiring pieces of a vision we have - a best in class team that fits well with our partnering, customer-driven culture along with very compelling IP.  We intend to leverage this team to aggressively develop next generation solutions that will integrate with other HDS assets such as storage and copy creation / management software, to help customers reduce CAPEX (number of copies, eliminating duplicate data at a more granular level, bandwidth etc.) and OPEX costs (integrated tools, intuitive interfaces that maximizes automation etc.). This software-defined approach will help customers to have a more agile environment that enables them to adapt to changing business needs more quickly.


We’re excited about this acquisition, and look forward to bringing new innovations with this technology to market.