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Introducing Hitachi Vantara's "Data Stairway to Value"

Blog Post created by Shawn Rosemarin Employee on Apr 24, 2018

In my travels I have been fortunate to meet some incredible leaders all seeking to transform their organizations and find the next “big market” of growth. While the strategies and execution vary by industry what I have observed is that those corporations that have managed through this transition have done so by building a “bridge” between IT and Business Leadership. Whereas in the past IT would execute as a “cost center” delivering reliability and performance for key business systems, in today’s world IT is looked as a “partner” to the business delivering much needed agility to get key projects piloted, implemented, supported and managed against business metrics. This phenomenon presents an incredibly exciting inflection point; initiatives are no longer Business OR IT but instead they are Business EMPOWERED by IT.


As we go one step further and dig into the success stories it becomes clear that an organizations ability to unlock their DATA is a key determinant in their success. While many in the industry have attempted to convince the market that “IoT” is the answer I would beg to differ. IoT is NOT a solution, it is an architecture designed to extend communication to the edge no different from how the cloud extended computing power outside of corporate data centers. If we really want to unlock our data and leverage it as a transformation catalyst we need to look at the problem a little more closely -


Fact - Most organizations already have far more data than they can handle; business data from key applications, human data derived from office productivity software and machine data driven direct from the edge. The challenge here is Not to mention that human data is growing 10X faster than traditional business data and machine data is growing 50X faster than traditional data (see graphic below)

Fact – The vast majority of human data growth is coming in the form of “unstructured” files; photos, video, audio. This kind of data is problematic because at its core it carries very few metadata characteristics making it extremely difficult to search, filter and catalog

Fact – Machine data has quickly come online over the last few years and requires significant integration and blending in order to become useful and connected to other human and business data

Fact – The true value of data only comes to life when you can decouple it from its underlying application and connect it to similar data derived from other systems (i.e. connect an oracle HR record to a video surveillance system or an SAP record to a live social stream reference)

Fact – In order to “connect the dots” and monetize the benefits of this flood of data you need to understand the industry context and connections. Simply put there is no platform on the planet that can replace the industry specific knowledge of people. The key is to be able to harness the industry knowledge, and deliver integrate industry context into the end solution

Source: insideBIGDATA (

Source: insideBIGDATA (


Let me introduce Hitachi Vantara's “Data Stairway to Value” –

  • It starts with the core foundation; STORE/PROTECT - High performance storage that is protected and secured whether it is resident to your private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud
  • Next we look to decouple this data from its core application, regardless of where it resides and ENRICH it with all of its innate characteristics allowing it to be easily searched, governed and secured
  • Once we have aggregated and enriched the data we can ACTIVATE it allowing us to “connect the dots” and formulate connections between human, business and machine data sources
  • This activation paves the way for MONETIZATION – the combination of visualization and automation that allows us to make better decisions faster increasing revenues, reducing costs and reducing risk




At Hitachi Vantara our corporate vision is to “Deliver Data-Driven Outcomes that benefit not just business but society as a whole”. In fact our parent company Hitachi Ltd strongly also subscribes to this concept of a double bottom line; whether we look at our Trains, Water Treatment Systems, Energy Systems or Medical Systems everything we do is tied to business results but also positive benefits to society. As we look to deliver against our corporate vision we believe we have a unique advantage to build on our reputation of delivering world-class IT systems for 50+ years making it easier for our customers to accelerate their ability to drive value from their data, enhance their business results and enhance society as a whole.


Data is your story, data is our story. With our world-class engineering and strategic acquisitions through the years we are unique in our ability to deliver integrated data solutions and help bring the value of your data to life!


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