Shawn Rosemarin

Powder Skiing and the Journey to Multi-Cloud Data Services

Blog Post created by Shawn Rosemarin Employee on Aug 11, 2018

I confess, I often dream of skiing “fresh tracks” in deep powder on big mountains. I spend an equal amount of time evangelizing all things Hitachi Vantara as our Global SVP & CTO fueled by a passion of technology and how it can not only help organizations increase their revenues and profitability, but drive significant benefits to society as a whole.  As we near VMworld 2018, I’d like to share my current thinking around trends in cloud adoption as well as what lies ahead.


Let’s face it; the consumerization of IT has pushed every company to accelerate its own transformation, keep itself relevant and attract new customers.  What this means is that organizations around the world are developing a “hobbyist” mentality when it comes to their transformations by saying “yes” to more projects, accelerating minimally viable products and scaling those that show tangible outcomes. The public cloud has reduced the cost of launching a minimally viable product down by a factor of 100 and in doing so we are seeing innovation accelerate. Once these innovations prove viable, we will see organizations leverage “Hybrid Cloud” to connect these applications to their enterprise-class Data Centers. To top it off, the traditional CapEx centric Data Center model continues to evolve into a “Private Cloud” where billing is based on consumption and operations scale on the back of automated and intelligent operations. On the horizon we see a new and exciting “Multi-Cloud Architecture” developing where applications and data can operate across multiple clouds with centralized security, management and portability for both applications and data. 


I think we can all agree that for the foreseeable future, organizations will continue to rely on their “Private Clouds” to deliver their traditional applications and those with sensitive data requirements. In addition, they will expand their leverage of “Hybrid Cloud” for DR, Test/Dev and cyclical bursting and they will develop the clear majority of their new applications on microservices platforms that will sit across both their Data Centers and the Public Cloud. In the not so distant future, IoT will expand this topology even further enabling all machines to be smart machines moving applications and data and analytics to the edge.


Whether Private, Hybrid, Multi or Edge Cloud let’s not ever forget that the only reason we run applications at all is to generate data that powers revenue, lowers costs and mitigates risk. This data, and an organizations ability to protect, store, enrich, activate and monetize it determines success today and into the future. At Hitachi Vantara we are unilaterally focused on working with our key partners to help our clients accelerate their abilities to deliver data-driven outcomes across any application and any cloud.


Hitachi Vantara with our partnership with VMware are committed to helping our clients deliver on the promises of Data Center Modernization and Cloud Acceleration.  While VMware allows for infrastructure and application portability, we complement their vision by focusing on data services and data portability with our unique “Data Stairway to Value”.  At the foundational level we complement VMware’s Software Defined Data Center vision with world-class infrastructure and proven software to store and protect enterprise class applications. We then extend our value with our Industry leading solutions to enrich, blend, activate and monetize all data leading to stronger data governance and accelerated predictive and prescriptive analytics.  Finally, because Hitachi Vantara is a business organization with industrial capability in the areas of manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, logistics and energy, we understand and leverage algorithms of how these organizations operate.  Ultimately allowing that richness through our ability to solve and predict significant business issues.


In the banking and financial services world, we are accelerating RegTech, FinTech and PayTech initiatives bringing scalable and secure payment services to all.  We are also seeing IoT activation driving significant cost containment and risk mitigation.  Whether you are and energy company driving for safer offshore drilling, a healthcare institution striving for better patient care or a telecommunications company looking to deliver high quality 4K content to a power a family movie night, the key is in your ability to connect your data effectively.


For me, as an alpine skier, the most exhilarating and challenging parts of my day are navigating changes in terrain such as steep pitches, drops and moguls all the while seeking out the most exhilarating run. Ultimately the journey down to the bottom of Whistler (one of my all-time favorites) requires that you have the right technology, confidence, experience and the skills to get you to the bottom.  To this end, I am always out evaluating the best boots, skis and bindings for the job and also tour operators and guides that can make my journey more enjoyable and safe.  The journey to multi-cloud is no different; the right technology and skills are a critical foundation but best of breed partners accelerate our customers “time to value”.


Hitachi Vantara is excited about our upcoming participation at VMworld 2018. We would love to connect with you live, discuss any of these solutions and share some live demos.   Check out our schedule as we have a myriad of ways to discuss our breadth of end to end offerings.