Sam Walker

UCP Image management & adding VIBs to UCP Images

Blog Post created by Sam Walker on Sep 29, 2015

I mentioned in a previous post (Deploying NSX in an Autodeploy environment) about adding VIBs to autodeploy blades using the 'UCP method' but I thought it was worth adding a little more information on what/how exactly that meant.  In short, the process of adding packages within an autodeploy environment would otherwise be something done through ImageBuilder, a set of PowerCLI CMDlets... 


With the 'UCP Method', this is GUI driven which cuts down on deployment times, the likelihood of CLI error, plus you can specify an external update source so all you need to do is roll patches into your auto deploy image, change image, reboot hosts and you're running on the latest build from VMware.  No downloading .zips, running CMDlets such as 'add-softwaredepot', 'export-esximage' etc...



This is provided as a reference article, not a how-to guide.  These are my own views based on my own experience.  For customers running UCP Director, please speak with HDS Support and/or GSS through a proper engagement if you are unsure / uncomfortable about making changes such as these or are unsure what the ramifications might be.  This is specific to a particular version of UCP; yours might be different. Support can share the proper documentation with you.



To start - through UCP Director, from the Image Server view, select 'Manage Image Repositories' - then choose a UNC or URL which will contain your VIBs.  In the below example, I have added a share containing the .zip package downloaded from the NSX Manager as per my previous post.  After a rescan, you'll see the two additional VIBs added to UCP Director:


After which, you can clone the image in use.  Then add the VIBs to the cloned image.  Once you've cloned an image (right-click, click on 'Clone Image'), you can add the VIBs by clicking on 'Edit Image'


Add packages:


And select the two VIBs that have been picked up by UCP Director:


You can confirm these are part of your default image by selecting 'Image Summary':


and you'll see that in the image below (which I have suffixed with '-NSX'), the two VIBs are part of the image.



Now, to deploy this image to one of your blades, you can change the image


Select the one that contains the updated VIBs:


Then, when you reboot your server, it'll build with the VIBs.  Again, tread carefully...  Make sure your host is in maintenance mode, make sure you know the ramifications, etc.