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According to IDC, the worldwide Data Center automation software market grew 13,7% to total $2.3 billion - Who is market leader?

Blog Post created by Tom Christensen Employee on Jun 30, 2016

Last week I came across an interesting IDC market share report for Data Center automation software. To me it is one of the hottest topics when creating a Data Center automation design. One thing is to select the right Converged Infrastructure platform, one where the entire hardware stack is automated through a deep integration from the hypervisor; another thing is to select the right software on top of the hypervisor to present the end user services.




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Data Center customers tend to seek a mature software vendor with constant momentum in the market. This to secure the shortest journey to success and at the same time lower the risk in the project but also to work with a software vendor that has the critical market share that makes it possible to constant deliver new relevant features. 

The million dollar question is who is market leader today and has the highest year over year growth when it comes to deliver Data Center automation. It turns out that VMware is dominating the market with a market share of 29,1% and y/y growth of 37,7%. 

The next two players are BMC and Cisco with approx. each 10% of the market. If you look behind the numbers, you will find that Cisco has included the revenue from their Software Defined Network solution (ACI). This, because IDC consider it as a vital part for the Cisco’s Data Center automation offering. It is not clear to me, whether VMware's NSX revenue is part for the total revenue. If that is not the case then they have a higher market share than the 29.1%. Nevertheless, it's my impression that VMware is the dominating Data Center automation player of today.

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You can read the entire IDC report here:


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