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Who is your preferred network vendor for a Converged Platform?

Blog Post created by Tom Christensen Employee on Jul 1, 2016

This question has been a hot topic over the last couple of years when the conversation turns toward the network part of a Converged Solution. It seems to be a sensitive subject with predefined views on what is the best for the current network team or the company.


Last week I came across an interesting report from Gartner where they have promoted VMware as a visionary player in the latest Magic Quadrant for networks. To me it indicates a growing trend in the SDN direction where the shift is towards virtualization, management and orchestration in contrast to the traditional speeds, feeds and protocols network mentality.


Customers are arguing that the intercommunication between virtual machines is more efficient and optimized since NSX became part of source code in the hypervisor. Other customers argue that NSX is at the forefront of network automation and security and due to a comprehensive partner ecosystem has the necessary momentum to continue release new relevant features.


  • Several positive references / largest installed base
  • Shortest journey to success with lowest risk
  • There is deep integration to the virtual environment on top of the physical network
    • Hardware-agnostic and can run on top of any network / freedom of choice of future network supplier


  • Efficient software defined end-to-end solution (unlike a hardware-based solution)
    • Optimized and efficient communication between VMs
    • Micro-segmentation provides maximum degree of security and cost efficiency


Note: Converged Platforms have gained an increased popularity to simplify operations and improve provisioning times. Converged Platforms are forecast to grow at 18.7% per year through 2019.


What is your view on this topic?


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