Tim Desai

Boost Productivity by Enabling Data Mobility

Blog Post created by Tim Desai Employee on Jul 16, 2014

Things don’t happen to you – you make things happen.  This is a strong statement and the immediate reaction is often righteous indignation, but sometimes it’s accurate.  Why do I bring this up?  It’s because whether you realize it or not, each and every day the workforce is evolving and doing everything possible to access data faster than the competition.  The time savings you can provide to employees in providing fast access to information is the currency that will buy you relevance across your lines of business.  Knowing this, the question is if you are you going to proactively address this opportunity? Or, will you choose to maintain the IT processes that got you this far even though you already suspect they are not quite as effective anymore for maintaining visibility and control of data?


Our world has really changed in terms of how we access data and what we use to do that.  Employees today need to be highly productive in what they do.  As soon as an organization loses focus and relevance, it’s easy to fall behind the competition and find itself watching the action from the sidelines.  While it’s not always obvious, IT lies at the core of a company’s ability to overcome competitive challenges.


Fast access to data anytime and from anywhere is required by employees at companies of all sizes, whether they’re working from home, in a branch office, or at a sales conference at an island resort.  They don’t want to wait for files or have to wait through long delays to share information.  Beyond being stored everywhere, much of the data traversing the network will likely be kept in one or more locations potentially forever.  These circumstances are changing how IT has to deal with maintaining control and visibility of data.


Complicating matters is that people like their own particular end point devices and all the things that make them unique such as the device vendors, the different colors that are available and the choice of operating system.  Furthermore, they’re not limited to one device – they want to use their laptop, phones and tablets interchangeably to access their data.  This is impacting buying decisions.


Beyond the devices being used, we’ve entered the “There’s an app for that!” world. The workforce has different requirements for their personal and office productivity applications and they’re pushing their IT organizations to allow them to be as productive as they can and sanction those applications.  This is impacting IT in a big way.  How will IT mitigate data leakage, and also not impact governance and compliance?  How will control be maintained when so much pressure is being applied to leverage public cloud services to take advantage of their compelling cost benefits?  The answer is here.  Check out our data mobility announcement materials and let me know what you think!