Antonio Bongiorno

The Wine in the Barrel

Blog Post created by Antonio Bongiorno on Oct 4, 2013

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A Storage is like a Wine in the Barrel. Some are good, some are bad Wine. As the Wine, so is the Storage.


Some prefer a good , some prefer a Excellent Wine Bottle, and some other must drink what comes on the table.


In all the years, all Big Storage Player on the world,  -HDS, EMC, IBM, NetApp, HP, 3PAR, Sun, Fuijtsu –

tried to produced such a Wine, but no all find a good recipe to produce a Excellent one.


With my 15+ Years experienced in SAN and 20+ in Storage World, I work today steadily as Customer side Advocacy and Vendor / OEM Independent. At no compromise.


I must admit one!  By the most Customers I was been in charge, I had hotly discussion with both, Vendors and Customers , wo at the end the Customer decided on the contrary.


Such Customers a couple years later must admit to have made a wrong decision, and the game starts all over again.


Why I write that? This is my honest opinion and I get neither a penny nor any Award to say my opinion. This is simple a part of my professional services, and some people here might be wondering why I compare storage with wine?

The answer is most simple.


You can have a good Wine, but if the barrel is not, then from the Wine becomes Vinegar. Hitachi Data Systems, provide for the evidence, reached another position in Storage Market, and demonstrate to produce such a excellent Wine in a solid Barrel.


At the end this is what distinguished good from excellent Wine.


HDS is surely not the #1 with most installed Storage System in the Data Center World, but as per my experience the #1 with the lowest failure.