Teck Meng Lee

Is the time ripe to migrate onto SAP HANA® ?

Blog Post created by Teck Meng Lee Employee on Jun 4, 2016

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When SAP released its first version of the in-memory database in 2010, the market was excited about the technology but most enterprises were not ready to take the plunge. Fast forward to 2016, not only has in-memory databases made its way into the plans of most CIOs, it is also fast becoming the foundational design for real-time analytics.


Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP, said “This is the future of SAP. It’s the future of our business. We were never shy about it. We’ve said HANA is the future."


Tens of thousands of companies around the world run their mission critical business applications on SAP. Despite its acclaimed performance, a lot of these SAP customers still have not migrated to the HANA platform. They know that migration to the HANA platform is inexorable but they feel the angst about the change; for even a minute of downtime could cost millions of dollars, or even jobs lost.


We believe we have a solution for these customers now.


Hitachi has consistently grown its strategic partnership with SAP since 1994, and have received the SAP Award for Highest Customer Satisfaction multiple times. With the acquisition of oXya, a leading provider of services for cloud and SAP solutions, Hitachi now complements the hardware expertise with the SAP solution know-how. On 17 May 2016, we announced a new Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) 1000 for SAP HANA® and this could be the answer for these customers.


For the large enterprises, this low-cost Hitachi UCP 1000 for SAP HANA® is ideal for test and development. CIOs can now do their extensive testing and application development without overly committing on CAPEX.


For the small and medium-sized enterprises with not more than 768GB of in-memory requirement, UCP 1000 for SAP HANA® is ideal as Hitachi build and pre-configure its HANA appliances at the factory to ensure a quick and seamless on-site integration.


At Hitachi, we are undergoing digital transformation. Our belief is "Lead Business Transformation or Become Irrelevant". The same applies to all SAP customers. Take the leap now before SAP pull the plug.

Learn more about Unified Compute Platform for SAP Hana® by visiting www.hds.com/go/sap