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Your Throne is Ready...

Blog Post created by Tony Huynh Employee on Nov 11, 2017

In a previous blog, we discussed the necessity for companies to embrace the digital transformation challenge in order to achieve next levels of growth, and specifically how they need to address fundamental challenges with routine operations such as storage configuration and management processes.


Now, as we peel the onion back, we realize that simplified configuration and management is only the beginning for a successful digital transformation journey…


The key element of this digital transformation journey requires customers to approach data center management differently – holistically, vs task based.





“characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”


To achieve this, data center management tools previously thought to be “fringe or nice to have” are now core to running the business successfully. Specifically, the ability to gain data-driven insight, take proactive action, and automate data center management operations to efficiently meet business needs.


Besides initial system configuration and management, what are the other two critical components/goals you ask?


With respect for hard-working IT teams across the globe, we can “bucketize” them into two broad categories:


A) How to achieve SLOs - To truly optimize IT processes and support business operations, it is imperative to have insights into how the IT infrastructure is working, not just at a component level, but also as a whole, in order to achieve  service level objectives (SLOs).  


How Hitachi Vantara helps – Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor enables IT leaders to continuously monitor and analyze the entire IT stack, to ensure compliance to service level objectives for capacity and performance.


HIAA monitors key performance indicators end-to-end from virtual machines, servers, SAN fabrics to both Hitachi Vantara and third-party storage systems, to provide insights and build a more complete picture of IT operations.


  • Resource planning: View which devices are oversubscribed or almost out of capacity.
  • Issue remediation: Monitor the entire data path to help identify where bottlenecks are.
  • Performance optimization: Review historical trends to determine where performance tuning might be required.


For IT teams, this approach provides the right insights to enable actions to be taken faster and often before an issue occurs that could impact the business or end-user satisfaction. It also allows advanced planning so that budgets can be managed more effectively, preventing overages caused by emergency purchases. All in the name of meeting service level objectives of the business.


B) How to accelerate automation – manual processes are not only tedious and time consuming, but by their very nature of not being challenging – the propensity for human errors may increase.  And as witnessed with recent headline worthy outages, human error leads not only to tangible and quantifiable business downtime and customer interruption, but also, and just as importantly, negative impact to a company’s reputation, brand equity, and future customer/revenue potential.


How Hitachi Vantara helps – With Hitachi Automation Director, we help customers accelerate data center automation by taking complex IT operations and automating them, thus reducing significantly the probability for human errors.


Reduce manual processes by automating management tasks that include the entire IT stack

  • Intelligent automation workflows to streamline the storage-provisioning process for data center applications.
  • A service based catalog of predefined service templates incorporates Hitachi best practices into storage provisioning, resulting in reduction of provisioning time by up to 90%.
  • Automate beyond storage – with full SAN zoning capabilities, automated templates for hyper-visors and applications such as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL server.


It is important to note that HAD has the unique capability for end-to-end automated provisioning for SAN zoning, using predefined templates and zone creation as part of the provisioning process, that other vendors do not.


But wait, there’s more. Like peanut butter & jelly…both good on their own, but most excellent together.  And so it is with the combination of Hitachi Automation Director and Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor, working together, intelligently – monitor, analyze, and execute – all as a holistic whole.

For example, we provide customers with the ability to meet QoS (Quality of Service) objectives by automatically monitoring, and then control/throttle IO based on business requirements. 

As customers move forward with their digital transformation journey, Hitachi Vantara can help with intelligent data center management software that enables them to:


1) Achieve IT efficiency and quick delivery of resources with automation of manual processes.

2) Deliver on strict service level goals through improved IT responsiveness.

3) Deliver more consistent customer experiences with performance and up time optimization.

4) Accelerate digital transformation by redirecting staff to strategic projects.


These activities turn previously task based work into intelligent, automated actions that goes beyond storage, but for the IT infrastructure.


Coming back full circle to the beginning of our blog, a successful digital transformation journey that includes intelligent insight and management automation tools as a core strategy will provide customers with a throne to view your success. Choose the throne…